A Moment To Love

I think I have to start a brand new topic on this blog, a special corner for my favorite scene of dramas that I’m currently watching (-have watched). I’ve actually started this little corner last year and you can find the posts under the category appreciation postBut as you can see, I don’t post that much and only on May this year I decided to post more appreciation post.

This post is an appreciation post, ANOTHER appreciation post to spread my infinite love for Falling for Innocence aka Falling for Soon Jung. I love ep 15 and my love for it is infinite. There are many romantic scenes in the episode but none is exaggerated, everything was sweet and fluffy and just in the right amount of sweetness. 

My very first appreciation post of this drama also inspired by ep 15, where Soon Jung and Min Ho sat together on the park bench. And this post is also inspired by ep 15! So, I won’t talk anymore, I’m just going to let you read and enjoy this post until the end, and you gotta swoon over their dialogue. You just have to!

Hermia, Kang Min Ho’s company, would become bankrupt the next day so Soon Jung went to his room to check out how he was doing. Remembering how much Hermia meant to Soon Jung and Kang Min Ho chose Hermia over the once-in-lifetime opportunity because he loved Soon Jung that much, the bankruptcy of Hermia was a huge deal. On top of that, Hermia was the company that Min Ho’s father had built with his own bare hands.

Min Ho: “Tomorrow, our company becomes bankrupt.”
Soon Jung: “Yes. And 4.500 employees will have to look for another job.”
Min Ho: “Tomorrow, all the stocks I have will be incinerated. Also, the prosecution will summon me all the time regarding professional negligence or whatever they call it. I’m telling you again, I’m already penniless, on top of being an ex-convict. Despite that, will you still be able to love me?”

Soon Jung: “When President Roosevelt suddenly became disable he asked his wife this, “my legs will cause you inconvenience for the rest of my life. Will you be able to love me?” Then the wife answered, “Did I only love your two legs?”.”

Soon Jung: “We said to each other we’ll love each other even though it’s exhausting and difficult.”

Min Ho: “That’s right. To us who spent such a tiring day, should we get a present?”
Soon Jung: “What kind of present?”
Min Ho: “Three packs of ramen?”

AND THE SCENE ENDED WITH THEM TWO SMILED AT EACH OTHER. You need to watch the scene because you would have ear-to-ear smile plastered on your face. I tried to youtube it but unfortunately JTBC Drama didn’t upload it. But JTBC Drama did upload the scene which is right next to the above scene, which is a very fluffy, funny, sweet, and heartwarming scene at the same time. Here here:

You also need to watch this scene -also from ep 15-. At 1:49 mark, “Appetizer. Before you have a meal of course you have to have an appetizer.” SWOOOOOOON. Here here:

I’m Red, and I’m shipping them two.


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