‘Yong Pal’ Drops First Trailer


I’m not a fan of teasers since I hate to be reminded that a new drama is arriving especially when it’s going to replace my fav drama. But I guess I really can’t wait to watch this up-coming drama called Yong Pal even though that drama will replace my currently favorite drama, Mask. Yong Pal has all of my attention since the day they announced that Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won would be the leads. I’m a fan of both and I eagerly look forward to watching it. Don’t forget that we have God’s Gift -14 Days director and Reset scriptwriter working together behind the screen for this highly anticipated drama.

Joo Won was very amazing in Good Doctor, a drama which made me his fan. Kim Tae Hee’s last drama, Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love is one of my favorite dramas and she did a great job in playing her role as Jang Ok Jung. God’s Gift made it into my all time fav dramas list. As far as I can remember, that drama was a pure perfection. The writing, the acting, the cinematography were on point and the fact that it was aired on a public broadcast tv really put me in awe. Reset was not my favorite drama from OCN, it disappointed me to be honest. It felt like it was missing something and they just didn’t live up to my ‘OCN’ expectation.

Yong Pal tells about Joo Won’s character who falls into a big amount of debt to support his sick sister. He is a a third-year resident surgeon in a hospital and makes house calls to the wealthy who are in emergency situation but can’t go to hospital. Kim Tae Hee’s character will be a sick heiress whose family owns the hospital where Joo Won’s character is a resident. The storyline is a bit boring and common. I hope that the scriptwriter can make this into an enjoyable great drama that can bring out the leads’ potential.

The teaser looks fabulous with all the wind, the leads are flying, Kim Tae Hee’s elegant blue dress, and Joo Won intense gaze.

“My only way to get out from this dream… is by waking up. But if I cannot wake up, this nightmares will continue. Yong Pal.”

I really hope the story won’t be as simple as what the synopsis says. I want a complex, deep story that can keep me at the edge of my chair.

I immediately thought of Secret when I saw the trailer, especially when I saw this



Any of you not think of Secret?


secret 2


The scene where Kim Tae Hee is falling is also similar to Reset’s trailer.




It’s only trailer everyone it’s only trailer. Let’s just hope the scriptwriter won’t copy other drama’s plot or his/her last work, Reset.

Yong Pal is set to air its pilot episode on August 5th which is only three weeks away! Get ready, everyone!

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