My Love Eun Dong [review]

“If only one holds onto the red string of fate, you won’t be able to meet. But if you two hold it together you’ll be able to meet.” – Grandma (My Love Eun Dong)

Another great drama bid farewell and that means this week I’ll have nothing to watch. Two days ago My Love Eun Dong closed its curtain and left me speechless. I waited for the whole day yesterday for the english subtitle but thankfully the sub wasn’t released yesterday because if it did, I probably wouldn’t be able to watch any drama today. I marathoned ep 10-15 and cried for 6 straight hours. My eyes were red, swollen and sting so bad PLUS I got diarrhea yesterday HA! I finished ep 16 just 30 minutes ago (it’s 17:05 now) and I didn’t cry that much wow, that surprised me tbh.

My Love Eun Dong is exactly what I’m asking for from a melodrama. It evokes pains and hate but doesn’t exaggerate it. I cried a bucket of tears while watching and that’s what melodrama is!

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (10 out of 10)

hyun soo


Jr aka Junior played Park Hyun Soo in his 10s. He blew me away with his acting. I didn’t know that he is an idol because he was really great in all of his scenes. Baek Sung Hyun was also excellent and hands down on Joo Jin Mo. He portrayed perfectly how a man loved a woman to death. His gaze is a masterpiece. The way he looked to Eun Dong spoke a million words. The casting is really great. 20s and 30s Hyun Soo look alike.

eun dong


You have a long way to go Lee Ja In. She did great in her portion. I didn’t like the fact that Yoon So Hee took part in this drama at first because she was damn stiff in Secret Door and until now still pisses me off but she was good playing Eun Dong in her 20s. The 10s and 20s Eun Dong seem alike to me. There are some scene where both were almost identical to me, like the way Yoon So Hee spoke. It was almost identical to the way Lee Ja In spoke! Kim Sa Rang carried out Eun Dong as an elegant woman and I liked it that she didn’t overdo her acting.

CINEMATOGRAPHY (10 out of 10)

PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)


The story is so fairy-tale and unrealistic but I buy it. Like what I said on my JOJ review, dramas are entertainment purposes only. Do not watch dramas if you’re gonna leave comment on every drama site on the internet saying that a drama is really unrealistic. If you want to watch something’s so realistic, watch your own life then. Dramas are supposed to be unrealistic most of the time you know lol.

The first episode made me yawn. The story was fast paced but it some scenes was really boring. It got picked up on ep 2, thankfully. Ep 8-9 were boring like the drama was losing their way. Ep 10 was totally better than 8 and 9. Just an advise, always have tissues when you want to watch the drama esp ep 10-15.

Am I the only one who like ep 15 and 16? Okay ep 16 was kinda weak and I demand more but ep 15 was okay?? Am I the only one? Jae Ho was pathetic bastard, evil and begged to be killed. I hated his character so much after learning what he had done to Eun Dong and then he slit his wrist and made such an unnecessary uproar. But it showed how much Ra Il and Eun Dong meant to him, especially Ra Il. There is no sane people in this world except monks and that’s what the writer tried to deliver. When someone/something precious in your life is taken away no one can think logically. Jae Ho was a thief, I do agree with that. He stole Eun Dong’s life and Eun Ho’s woman and son. He injured himself and put the blame on Eun Dong and claimed Ra Il as his biological son he was the biggest bastard but he loved Eun Dong and Ra Il sincerely. It’s not enough, I also agree. But Eun Dong got back to where she originally belonged, Eun Ho’s side. He also acknowledged Eun Ho’s presence as Ra Il’s dad.  Now, let’s say Jae Ho was killed off, how Eun Dong and Eun Ho suppose to move on since they’d living in guilt for their entire life.

Ep 16 was rather weak compared to all 15 episodes. Many things need to be explain too, like what happened to Eun Dong’s step father, Director Jo, Jae Ho’s mother and did Ra Il really accept Eun Ho’s as his father. They should have a scene where Eun Dong, Eun Ho and their son playing together, or at least have Ra Il called Eun Ho ‘appa’.

As a whole, it was a great ride. It was tiring though, because literally I cried way too much.

OST (8 out of 10)
Nice BGM chooses, nicely inserted and didn’t distract our focus from the scene unlike thaaaaaat drama lol. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet since I’m writing this post in rush -and because I don’t have genie credit anymore lol-. Will have a different post for this later.

Overall rating :  9 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Yes

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