Scholar oh Scholar

This post is a post that I promised yall previously. Yes, that’s right. this post is an ESSAY why I’m considering very seriously dropping a drama called Scholar Who Walks The Night. See, I’m keeping my promises. Even though it takes time for me to do it but I always try my best to keep my promises.

Ok, I just want to make it clear that I haven’t watched the last 3 episodes since I’ve been strongly considering dropping this. I’ve only watched until ep 9 and it left me shaking my head in amusement because literally, everything was so funny to me.

Scholar Who Walks The Night that apparently doesn’t tell about the Scholar who is supposed to be the highlight of this drama but instead it tells about a Prince whose pen name is Lustful Student and this so called Scholar who walks the night ends up like a second lead. And the second female lead who suppose to be the SECOND FEMALE LEAD ends up being a super minor character. The drama gave me bad headache ever since they decided to pair up Lee Jun Ki with herrrrrrrrr. They decided to not see Kim So Eun’s ability as an actress and gave her the second female lead role but because the scriptwriter is the anti of her own drama, she decided to give Kim So Eun soooooooooooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO S O little screentime and treat her like she’s a minor character.

The two leads do not have chemistry and even though Lee Yoo Bi is doing just fine but I just feel the urge to kick my laptop everytime she shows up and doing stupid things. The plot already feels draggy and I can criticize the drama for 60 minutes non-stop while watching. I think I really have to drop this because it doesn’t entertain me or release my stress after working all day long, instead it worsen my stress and headache.

They dressed Lee Jun Ki like a beggar T_T

Ok, now, Kim So Eun. I seriously pity her. She’s supposed to be the second female lead but the writer is downgrading her to a minor role. She only comes out not more than 5 minutes on every episode –except on the 1st and 2nd episode-. She was the leading female on her previous drama, Liar Game, even though it’s a cable drama but at least don’t downgrade her level to a minor role in public drama. I don’t even want to imagine how she feels knowing that she only has so little scenes. Even Sung Yeol’s two followers have more screentime than her x.x

Writer-nim, if you announce that Kim So Eun is your second female lead, then picture her as the second female lead. And I’m also sorry but I want to say this, Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Eun’s chemistry beats Lee Jun Ki Lee Yoo Bi’s chemistry.

THE BGM! The first two episodes have like the worst music selection ever in kdramaland. It distracted me because the music selection didn’t match the scene at all and ended up ruining the atmosphere. It got better as the episode went on though.

I heard that the original –drama- writer has changed since ep 11. The current writer is the one who wrote Time Between Dog and Wolf. from the comments I read, the current writer is doing lot better job than the previous writer. Yea, the previous writer’s script was a mess. The plot moved in snail-speed, boring, and so cringe-worthy. It’s the same person who wrote Paradise Ranch! If my memory is right, Paradise Ranch’s storyline was average and not memorable at all.

Now, THE LOGIC. Where is the logic. The lack of screentime Kim So Eun has already angers me, then they decided to do stupid things like:

  1. CPR? In Joseon area? Ok, I get it that he’s a vampire but CPR? …… *cricket sound*
  2. Ok, so apparently vampires also have blood. LOL someone help meeeehhhh.
  3. He was STABBED like in the forest and I bet it took him some time to get Yang Sun’s house especially that he was “bleeding” and on foot. But when he got there BOOM no blood stain at all on his clothes. HA HA HA HA haaaaaaaaa
  4. I to be honest still don’t understand why these innocent people had to die. Were they killed or did they kill themselves? For what? To save the Crown Prince by covering up the truth that he’s the real Lustful Student? But Yang Sun’s father took the accusation already. Oh, why did Yang Sun’s father had to eat the poison?

Some lines and scenes are so cringe-worthy, like, seriously, it’s so cringe-worthy!


There is one thing that really bothers me, that is:

Why Gwi bothers keeping the corpse though? Is Gwi capable of waking up the Prince Sejong like Sung Yeol did to the royal concubine? Who knows! Maybe in future episode Gwi will wake him up and kinda use him but for now, it’s really questionable why Gwi is keeping Prince Sejong’s corpse. Anyway, the guy is Jang Seung Jo. He’s originally a musical actor -I don’t know whether he still does musical or not-. Usually musical actors are great in acting so it’s kinda a waste that he only appears just few times so far. He’s also CSJH’s Lina‘s husband, she’s was an idol now she’s a musical actor and plays in many musicals already and sometimes does drama too.

The only two things that keep me watching are Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Eun. Lee Jun Ki is hands-down a great actor. He always nails his work and Scholar is no exception. He’s an amazing actor because he can pull-off such cringey drama. I looked forward to this drama, hoping that Kim So Eun would do a great job. But how can I know she’s doing a great job or not if her scene is not even 5 minutes long on every episode.

I also heard that the drama is different than the webtoon. I’d like to read the webtoon version if there’s any english version of that. I’d like to know the difference between the two. I really hope that LINE Webtoon will provide the English version of that.

And, this essay ends here.

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