Because Min Woo Is No Love Expert

For those who watched Mask must know the meaning of this post’s title. Joo Ji Hoon‘s character in the drama, Min Woo, is a character who’s introvert and afraid of the world (kind of?) and can’t open up his heart due to his past. His life is only black and white, gray doesn’t even exist. Soo Ae‘s character, Ji Suk, then comes to his life and and adds colors. Yes, you’re right. They then… BLAH cut the crap! Min Woo is cheesy cheesy and cheesy! His lines are cheesy but it make your heart flutter! 

This is an appreciation post before I post the full review which will be up on Tuesday. I know that I’m 6 weeks late it’s not my fault. I read spoiler about the final episode and also people’s opinions about it and most of them were bad so I put that only one ep left on hold. Plus I was starting to get busy around that time so I kind of forgot that I hadn’t finished it. Weeks later I finished it but too lazy to write even this post so I put this post in my draft. Weeks later, here I am, finishing what I started.

This scene is from ep 12. The whole birthday party is brilliant because finally Ji Suk is brave enough to threat Suk Hun. Don’t forget, Min Woo starts to get cheesy too!

If you think his cheesiness stops there, nah you’re wrong!


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