A Scene To Love!


I’m starting a brand new category on my blog called “A Scene To Love“. Basically I post about a scene that I like from a drama that I’m currently watching or I have watched. It can be a touching scene, funny scene, romantic scene, or even action scene. The range for A Scene To Love is very wide. Any scene is qualified to be featured on this topic.

Our very first official A Scene To Love scene is a scene from The Time We Were Not In Love aka The Time I’ve Love You, a drama that I finished recently. I thoroughly enjoyed the drama despite of the lacks here and there. One scene that I think has so much force that beats almost all scenes is this one scene from ep 10 where Ha Na and her father have a little-too-deep conversation.

Dad: “I still sometimes think about that little girl who wanted to get married to her dad. I remember it quite vividly. For me, even if you say the guy you’ve picked is the best man in this entire world. I would still think you’re too good for him. No matter how rich or powerful he is if you he makes you even shed a single drop of tear i’ll be against him. My daughter is the best.”
Ha Na: “Dad, I’m sorry”
Dad: “Your mom and dad can’t hate you no matter what you do. What could we do? That’s something we’re not capable of.”
Ha Na: “It’s all my fault. I’ll be good. As your proud daughter, I’ll try my best. Dad, I’m sorry.”

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