Let’s Talk About ‘She Was Pretty’ and Some Prediction!!

Scholar Who Walks The Night finally ended its run last week and a highly anticipated drama will replace it this week which is She Was Pretty. I have high expectation on this one since it has Hwang Jung Eum and  Park Seo Joon. Choi Siwon is also here and I really hope that he’ll get more recognition for his acting since he’s great.

Since Siwon is a part of Super Junior and since Super Junior is my fav group, I follow some SJ fanbases on twitter and those fanbases keep updating about his drama. I’ve seen/watched all of the posters/teasers which is very rare for me to do since I don’t want to be bother by it. And earlier today this video popped up on my twitter timeline. It’s a, idk how to call it. A highlight trailer??? The video is really hilarious. Hwang Jung Eum is fantastic, Park Seo Joon is very charming and I’m in love with the drama already. It’s Tuesday night so the drama will air tomorrow night on MBC and I hope the sub will be out by Thursday morning so I can watch it before going to campus ehehhehe.

Since Scholar Who Walks The Night’s rating for its last ep was pretty decent (it scored 7.7% viewers rating) so I think She Was Pretty will off to a decent start. I’m predicting they’ll be #2 since Yong Pal (SBS) is still very strong (last ep scored 19.1%) and Assembly (KBS2)… yeah. I’m not underestimating Assembly, please know that. The show is on my next-will-watch list but Assembly isn’t doing well in ratings even nearing its final week even though Koreans really love the show but it’s just not reflected to the ratings.

Just my prediction, She Was Pretty will be everyone’s favorite and will eventually overtake Yong Pal but Yong Pal will still hold #1 for at least few more weeks. Assembly’s successor, The Merchant, will probably follow Assembly’s path since it’s sageuk, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… and I read somewhere that it’s going to be more than 20-ep drama, correct me if I’m wrong. But you know who knows! The Merchant has Jang Hyuk, Lee Deok Hwa, Kim Min Jung and all.

You know, everything I state in this post is just my humble opinion and prediction, I’m not someone who can predict the future LOL and I’m not trying to put anyone down. Everything is written from my point of view as a viewer. Of course, I want these 3 dramas to do well since each has my favorite. But every battle has a winner and not-winner and for the show(s) that fall into not-winner category, I hope the writer won’t drop the quality (pls be like Assembly or Remember You.)

The so-called highlight trailer can be watched here:

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