Yong Pal ep 13, 14 + She Was Pretty pilot ep


As always, Yong Pal sub came out very early today. Not even 12 hours after airing. Episode 13 is so damn great! Finally something strong is coming out and I LOVE almost everything in this episode. She Was Pretty started its run two days ago and I also LOVE everything the pilot ep offered me. Hwang Jung Eum is fantastic to the point I pity her for being “ugly”. Park Seo Joon is handsomeeeeeeeeeeeee.

First, we’re gonna talk about Yong Pal. Compared to ep 12, ep 13 is def better even though the first quarter is quite boring but at least Young Ae now has power to protect herself and her husband. I to be honest really like Young Ae being wicked since it fits Kim Tae Hee. She has become an evil though. But you guys were asking for revenge now you have it. Young Ae is really scary at this point but am I the only person who doesn’t mind Young Ae become an evil? I mean, she went through hell for the last 3 years, now she has the freedom and power and chaebol is like that in dramas. Solving problem with their own method. So Young Ae becomes an evil is not a new thing in kdramaland.

I love lovey dovey scene in ep 13. Finally!! A scene that fluttered my heart after waiting for 12 eps!

On ep 14, Young Ae’s next target are Chief Lee and her older brother. And we now know that Chae Young actually loves her husband even though she shows it a little late. After all this, Chae Young won’t stand still and waits patiently for her “day”. I bet she’ll hate Yeo Jin and tries to drag her down from her throne. She’s going to do evil schemes and she already did one on ep 14. Chae Young will be Young Ae’s biggest threat from the way I see it.

While Chae Young will be Young Ae’s biggest threat, Tae Hyun will be Young Ae’s biggest obstacle! Tae Hyun is against Young Ae’s revenge and he clearly tells her that. There will be problems with their relationship of course, that’s kdrama lol. And Tae Hyun has learned that Young Ae indirectly had contribution -even though so little- of his mother’s death. Nah, kdrama! From now on, the plot seems rather predictable, right?

Now, She Was Pretty. I highly enjoyed the pilot ep. It has so many fun aspect and it’s not a boring episode. The meeting is actually my most fav scene in ep 1.

Hwang Jung Eum is a brilliant actress. She lets go all of her image and just focuses on giving the best on screen. That scene really cracked me up. Go Joon Hee is also brilliant. I’m not familiar with her, this is her first project that I watch and so far she pulls off Ha Ri character really well. Ha Ri will be  Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum’s character) rival but so far Ha Ri is really likeable and I’m curious to see how their relationship will go after this. Also, Ji Sung Joon doesn’t know that Ha Ri is not the real Hye Jin so this is really nerve wreaking. Hye Jin and Ji Sung Joon meet though. On ep 2. And from what I saw while skimming through ep 2, Ji Sung Joon is not aware of Hye Jin is his Hye Jin.

There are two reasons why I really anticipated this drama ever since I could remember; Hwang Jung Eum and Choi Si Won. I’m a fan of both and when I knew Siwon would be in the same drama with Hwang Jung Eum I was so overwhelmed. Hwang Jung Eum is famous for picking great hit dramas and I slightly wanted She Was Pretty to hit daebak so more and more people would recognize Siwon’s ability in acting. I’m a big fan of SJ which is a group Siwon is a part of. And of course I want every single member to have great public recognition for their talent since Koreans seem to hate SJ as a group to the infinity.

People, for those who still don’t know who Choi Siwon is, let me introduce him. Super Junior #1 visual -SM and members stated-, Koreans were crazy over him during his first few years after debuting, flipped the entertainment industry with his appearance in Infinity Challenge 6th Man, the one and only ‘fortune cookie’, the king of troll and derp. Choi Si Won!

Anyway, this post is done within 20 minutes so this is not a perfect post. I mostly talk about Yong Pal, I know. So for now, it’s a wrap!



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