Because Girls and Women Are Like Cha Ji An ‘Remember You’

Cha Ji An (played by Jang Na Ra) from the drama Remember You showed a realistic example of how girls and women actually deal with our things. Men have -sometimes, a very very- unrealistic fantasy about our lives and how we do. For example, men think females are all neat, feminine, and motherly. Here I tell you, stop dreaming. Not every female is like that. For the simplest example, many females hate wearing skirts, many females hate wearing makeup, high heels are many females’ #1 enemy, and other examples.

Society has this one belief that a female’s room is very neat, organized, with girly or elegant room decor while male’s room is supposed to be a mess, dirty, and not organized. But, hey! Not every girls room is like that. For instance, Cha Ji An aka some girls.

Basically, my room. Of course, not to this extent but books and paper are scatter all around in my room

Above, is Cha Ji An’s pc screen. Below is mine…

College and blog and fangirling stuff all in one screen. Sometimes, I can’t even at my screen. It’s really confusing and takes some time to find a file that I need. LOL. I need to delete some icons/files so it’ll be easier for me, but every single/file icon is important I can’t delete them from my screen.














We sleep with our mouths open too!

Ignore the disturbing bruises

We snore,

And we drool too!

And when we’re about to sneeze, we’re ugly af too.


I don’t know what I’m doing here.

Anyway, my name is Red and I watch TV! 😀





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