Yong Pal ep 16


This is not a recap post. This is about my opinion about the episode. 

I LOVE DramaFever because they sub Yong Pal very fast. They sub it within 12 hours after the broadcast. I can watch Yong Pal at 6 am before going to campus every thursday and friday. While other dramas are only available at noon even some need 24+ hours to be subbed. I seriously thank DramaFever, for always, subbing so fast.

Can’t believe that Yong Pal will end next week! In the middle of the show, I was hoping a happy ending for the two leads, Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun. But now 2 episodes left and I’m not sure whether a happy ending will occur. Basically they have headed to two totally different direction. At this point, a happy ending is not possible. Maybe one of them will die…. I don’t know. It just came cross my mind when Tae Hyun said he regretted saving Yeo Jin.

 I’m pretty sure that Tae Hyun regretted saving her not because his mom died because of her, but because Yeo Jin changed and became an evil. Yeo Jin turned into a monster isn’t something new to dramaland. For what she had been through the last three years, of course even an angel could turn into a monster. I don’t see big deal of this that’s why I don’t understand why some people are complaining. Also, the drama wouldn’t be fun if Yeo Jin didn’t become an evil #justsayin.

Chae Young openly declared that she also loved Han Do Joon since ep 14. It’s kinda a pity that Do Joon only knew that nearing his death. Their scene at ep 14 actually broke my heart. In ep 16, Yeo Jin indirectly killed her own brother. She lent Chairman Choi’s hand to kill him off. I didn’t see this coming! I thought she wanted to save his oppa, well at least keep him safe under her protection for three years then she’d cut his carotid artery for him. Ok this is scary as hell. I didn’t expect Yeo Jin to handed Do Joon to Chairman Choi like that. Not after I watched her fought Daejun Group and Chairmain Choi lost a big chunk of money.

Han Do Joon was frustrating. Tae Hyun and Chae Young wanted to save him but he threw his chance to live away and welcomed the scary gangsters with open arms.

Either the scriptwriter was drunk while writing this or she ran out of idea to kill Han Do Joon. Chairman Choi also watched the whole process of killing him which I found really disturbing.

The whole scene was beauuuuuuuutiful to be honest. I loved how they filmed the scene. The camerawork was really good. The editing also deserve a standing ovation. The used the right BGM and the acting was solid.

Episode 16 was such a disappointment to be honest. Ep 15 was great and strong but ep 16 lacked in so many areas. I do notice that the camerawork has improved ep after ep but that’s it. Only the camerawork, the only thing that stood out in this episode. Chae Young and Do Joon scene hard carried this episode, if you want me to be very honest.

Ep 16 is like a filler. Too many flashback scenes and unnecessary dialogues. The writer has a serious problem with her writing skill. First, she plagiarized someone else’s work that’s why ep 1-6 were pure perfection. On ep 7 she started writing her own story and the story went downhill. Now, at ep 16, she still couldn’t live up to the greatness ep 1-6 had which is such a pity. Yong Pal is ending next week but at this point Yong Pal will be a drama that’ll be forgotten after weeks because of the lack of writing skill. The great cinematography does make up for it, but it’s not enough. A drama needs 3 mojor elements; acting, cinematography, and good script to be called an excellent drama. Good script holds the biggest portion. The distribution should be like; acting 35%, cinematography 20%, and script 45% (my personal opinion). Yong Pal is missing out 45% to be called an excellent drama.

I hope ep 17 and 18 won’t disappoint. I hope Chae Young will seek revenge to spice things up a little bit. I’m not expecting it to be a happy ending for the two leads judging from their situation now. A tragic ending is very possible. I know most of the viewer want a happy ending but I hope the writer won’t force it just to gain last-minute praises. I hope she gives the drama a justified ending.

My name is Red, and Yong Pal is no longer on my favorite drama list.

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