‘D-Day’ First Impression (ep 1 & 2)

A 16-billion won drama surely looks different compare to other dramas. It’s also 80% pre-produced. When ep 1 aired they’ve filmed up to ep 15.  At first I thought the show would be a generic medical show with some action in it until I knew it’s actually a disaster show. It’s really rare for such genre to hit small screen since it costs a lot. I was worried for Kim Young Kwang and Jung So Min because I thought with 16 billion won they surely could cast better actors but so far, they are nailing their roles! The drama is stellar and on different level. I’ve only watch 2 eps so far but I’m loving everything and can’t wait to watch D-Day until its last ep.

In ep 1 we’re introduced to all characters and they’re slowing building up the atmosphere. We get to see the nature of every characters. As for the lead male, Lee Hae Sung, he’s a stubborn doctor who puts patients’ lives as top priority. This gives him bad relationship with others and also penalties and lawsuits are his best friends. And he loves to sleep!

Jung Dol Mi, played by Jung So Min, is 3rd year resident from a hospital in Busan. She comes to Seoul to transfer a patient and also in hope to see Prof Han Woo Jin, played by Ha Seok Jin. Jung So Min is doing great so far. I like how she talks. It has accent to it, Busan-like. I seriously don’t like Prof Han. Up to ep 2, his actions scream “I don’t want to take responsibilities on boom-ticking patients”. Boom-ticking patients are patients who are nearing death. He has been sending out many patients because of that. His character is a harsh man, from what I’ve seen so far. He’s even harsh to Nurse Park. So far we don’t know what kind relationship Prof Han and Nurse Park share. Maybe past lover?

Sungyeol is doing fine. He turned me off at first, tbh because he’s an idol and yes, I can’t let go that acting-dol stereotype.

Cha In Pyo!!! How excited I was when I saw him on my screen! I couldn’t help but got reminded of his role in the movie, The Flu. I’m looking forward to seeing him much more often for the rest of the show because I predict he’ll have big part in this drama.

The plot is moving at LTE speed and everything is perfect so far. In ep 2 we get a lil bit deeper to Lee Hae Sung’s life even though we still don’t know for sure why his mother is in vegetative state. Is it really because of malpractice done by the doctors in Mirae that’s why the hospital is still keeping her. We still don’t know.

The ‘disaster’ has already started in ep 1, starting the end, a crane fell.

The first 30 mins of ep 2 spent on the patients of that falling crane. The last 2 mins of ep 2 is really intense. The earthquake is really strong and this is, the start of this drama.

It’s only ep 2 and the disaster is already in this large scale. It’s a 20-ep drama, I’m really afraid that the team would be running out of ideas to fill the quota. It’s a disaster drama, I mean, hey you’re not going to make earthquake every now and then, right? And judging from the scene on ep 2, the scale is not just around 5 or 6 magnitude, probably around 7-9 magnitude as the building are starting to crush down after seconds but on the sneak peak of ep 3, the hospital is still fine. Meanwhile, the building shown in ep 2 are all collapsed. Oh well. It’s a drama after all.

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