I Saw This Coming!


Yong Pal is ending tonight!!!! I just watched the 17th ep and I can’t believe what I watched. I knew that one of the leads would end up dying but watching my words coming to reality is very surprising. As stated on this post, I predicted that either Yeo Jin or Tae Hyun would die because a happy ending is not possible at this rate. And on ep 17, Yeo Jin is suffering from stage 2 liver cancer. She is hallucinating too. And what’s worse is, she has no one on her side!

Chae Young is seeking revenge as I predicted too. It seems that everyone is on Chae Young’s side even the Chief of Staff. He is really a betrayer. He betrayed Do Joon once and now he’s betraying Yeo Jin. As people say, one a betrayer forever a betrayer. That woman too, the head maid?? She has big role here. Either betraying Yeo Jin or not, she has big role. But I hope she won’t betray Yeo Jin since she’s been working for the family for 30 years.

Yay! Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin are now together after 6 months separation, the magic time forward. Plssss Tae Hyun-ah, please you need to know that Yeo Jin is suffering from liver cancer and please you need to do something about Chae Young, the one who’s killing your wife slowly.

The preview for ep 18 is nerve-wreaking. Yeo Jin is painted like a dying patient who’s going to die anytime soon aaaaaaaa. To be honest, I want a happy ending. I know that it’s most likely impossible at this point, I’ve stated it too on this post but a little piece of me wants a happy ending. Yeo Jin is only out of the hospital for 6 months only, after being jailed in a paralyzed body for 3 years. If the writer is killing her on tonight’s episode, what a heartless person. But, a happy ending is not suited for this atmosphere. A tragic ending probably much more suitable. If it’s a tragic/not a happy ending one, I’ll accept it with open arms because I saw this coming. I knew since last week that a happy ending is only some % possible.


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