The Time I’ve Loved You [review]


 “You should never try to glue back shattered pots again. It’s going to crack in exact places you’ve glued together.” – Na Young (The Time We Were Not In Love)

I feel guilty for not live-watching The Time I’ve Loved You aka The Time We Were Not In Love (going to refer it “The Time” for the rest of this post) because I was in the middle of my internship when the drama was airing. For those who are following my twitter or read my posts before August probably already know how tiring it was. I was very tired on weekdays so I couldn’t watch any drama at all except on weekends.

But hey my internship ended a month ago and I have all the time in the world to marathon all those dramas I missed. The first drama that I marathoned was The Time and I finished it in just a week! It’s considered fast since I also have classes to attend in the morning-afternoon, piles of presentation to work on, and a lot of house chores.

I swear to God I LOVED the show guys. I enjoyed thoroughly every episode of The Time and sad that I’ve finished it already. Ha Ji Won alone already piqued my interest then they added Lee Jin Wook and also the fact that The Time is Korean version of In Time With You (called as “With You” for the rest of this post), one of my fav dramas. I LOVED the show, really did. But if you keep reading my review you’re going to question whether I loved it or not here I tell you the reason before you’re asking me, I LOVED the show. I really LOVED The Time. Really!Many of you (knets too) were upset and sick of the plot, here I am, proudly announce, that I loved the plot. Ok ok hold on, don’t shake your head just yet! Please read the entire post and see why I loved the show.

Ps, I’m trying very hard not to compare The Time to With You but I just can’t help it!

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (7.5 out of 10)
Choo Soo Hyun. I don’t know guys. I just didn’t like her. Not because of her character, acting or else, it was just her. I just didn’t like her, no reason for that. Just like you like/love one certain person, you just like that person and not knowing the exact reason why. Her character was actually loveable if you compare Lee So Eun to Maggie of the original drama. Choo Soo Hyun’s acting acting was awkward. She definitely needs to practice more and more. She was bland and stiff.

Yoon Gyun Sang. Ok, firstly, his face is the type that I call the “fuck-off-please” face. It’s like he’s not in good mood, lazy, sleepy, doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Because of it he failed to deliver the right emotion and almost ruined the atmosphere of the scene –well at least for me. I don’t know whether if it’s because of his gaze (his gaze is the type of gaze that I call “lazy” gaze) or his eyelids. Do you guys know that eyelids hold important role of one’s overall appearance especially the face?  People with droppy eyelids like his tend to look like they’re tired all the time. He was great though. It’s just he failed to capture the right emotion sometimes.

Now the leads!

Lee Jin Wook was fabulous as always. The way he looked at Oh Ha Na totally melt me. I’m talking about that loving and sad gaze!

a face that I want to see every morning before leaving for work :3 pls fate!!!

Ha Ji Won was also fabulous as always. It’s saddening that The Time is such a fail drama. at some points I did disappoint at her because it felt that she just stopped trying. Some parts could be delivered better.

Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won didn’t have strong chemistry. Which is a pity tbh.They were cute when they were together but nothing more than that. I don’t know whether it’s just me but

CINEMATOGRAPHY (10 out of 10)
I loved every scene! I liked how they filmed the drama. Every scene looked slick and polished, was lovely to look at and great camerawork. Place choices were suitable and right. I especially like Ha Na and Won’s hideout place. It’s different from the original drama but still held the same meaning. One thing that I pitied though, Ha Na’s bedroom. It was not realistic at all I mean she stuffed all those Tandy shoes/shoe box in her bedroom too after seeing them in the office too. And the placement of those shoes were unrealistic for even someone who works passionately for a shoe company in real life.

Don’t forget how they dressed Ha Na! Ha Na’s office look is something to die for!! I want everything from her wardrobe!

PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
Like what I said earlier, I liked the show and enjoyed every episode. Everyone has their own preference and it’s not ok to judge a person without hearing her/his opinion first ihihihi.

If you compare The Time to its original work, In Time With You, the The Time is a complete loser. With You has its own charm that makes it impossible for any remakes to beat it. BUT, if you watch The Time as a stand-alone drama and not associating it with With You, you’ll see The Time in a better light.

The plot was moving at not-so-fast but also not-very-slow pace. The first quarter of the show was fun to watch after that the plot got draggy which is normal for kdramas. The repretitive flashback especially that scene of Ha Na and Seo Hoo’s failed engagement party was kind of annoying but the production team polished it quite prettily so it came out not really annoying.

Seo Hoo and Choi Won cat fight was honestly useless. I still don’t understand Madam Choi and Choi Won relationship. The family bond was totally lacking compared to With You. Things around Seo Hoo were messy and writer didn’t even care to explain. The process where Ha Na pushing Seo Hoo away to finally opened her heart to him again was very great imo. It took some time and wasn’t rushed. Unlike in With You so suddenly You Qing forgave Ding Li Wei. Afterwards, The Time faced #logicfail almost on every episode -_-

#logicfail examples: Since when did Oh Ha Na actually realize that Choi Won actually loved her? Since that basketball field scene or the script? Seo Hoo was supposed to board the plane with Director Min but he didn’t, why didn’t he directly go to Ha Na? Why did he waited for one full week to see her? What was the exact reason Ha Na and Seo Hoo broke up? And many moreeeeeeee.

I personally didn’t really like the last quarter of the show. I tried my best not to compare it to the original but I couldn’t help it. Even if I didn’t, The Time’s last quarter was bland and boring.

For those who complained why the writer only start the romance on ep 15, here I tell ya. In the original drama the writer made the leads became couple in the last 45 minutes of the entire run! Here in the Korean version you’ve got 120 minutes of it, be thankful!! The Taiwanese only got 45 minutes! But if you want me to be honest, that 45 minutes romance in With You beats 120 minutes romance in The Time. By. Miles. Episode 16 honestly felt like a filler episode for me. The drama should have ended on ep 15.

The process where Ha Na finally knew for sure she loved Choi Won was honestly a blur for me. Okay, the script!

Choi Won’s script! But it wasn’t as deep as Da Ren’s audio tape. For me, it was not enough and didn’t have much impact compared to Li Da Ren’s tape.

If you watch both versions you must know that there are so many differences between the two and I like it that way. Even if you’re making a remake, it’s important to come up with a new idea so that you’re not copying 100% the original work. I liked it that they painted Seo Hoo as a nice guy who truly loved Ha Na (even though the story got lost in the mountain). In the original drama Ding Li Wei was a total jerk but Seo Hoo was forced to be a jerk. The writer could do much more with this character, exploit him more to get more complex story. This way, his story with Ha Na could be made deeper than just that. And that would result much more complex inner battle Oh Ha Na must face so their separation could be more moving and heartbreaking. Just my humble opinion though. (I had such high expectation)

Oh Ha Na didn’t have an oppa yay!!! Instead, she had a dongsaeng who had strong presence in the show and added fun aspect. In the original drama, Cheng You Qing had an older brother who’s annoying as hell and didn’t give any important meaning to the story.

Too much spoiler already?!! Ahahha. I just can’t make a review without giving spoilers, my bad! But for you who haven’t watched this, you guys can watch this. The drama is light and won’t give you headache or stomachache I promise you. But if you’ve watched the Taiwanese version already, I suggest to watch The Time as a completely different drama. Do not watch it as  In Time With You remake, but watch it as The Time I’ve Loved You, a Korean drama. Because once you watch it as With You remake, it’ll disappoint you.

OST (7 out of 10)

Beautifully, properly added to the scene. The songs are also beautiful and easy to listen to. The songs suit summer too! Even the ballads are nice to listen to. I really like song #1 which is 우리가 사랑한 시간  the show’s main OST. The lyric reflects the drama and like the song version of Choi Won’s 17 years story. #4 마음이 가네 is also a ballad but the thicker and deeper than #1. #2 is a fun song to listen too.

For the various artist tracks, there are 15 tracks in total. Worth listening and you can play them while doing your work because they soothe you.

Overall rating : 8.1 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? It’s not worth re-watching for me.


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