‘Falling For Innocence’ Casts Gather for WGM ep 292

Kim So Yeon joined WGM around 5 weeks ago and has been getting positive feedback from netizen due to her awkwardness and overflowing cuteness. She’s paired up with a rookie actor, Kwak Si Yang who starred in everyone’s favorite, Oh My Ghost. 

When I first read the news of her joining WGM, I was like…”what the hell is NamooActors thinking?!”. Kim So Yeon is definitely one of Korea’s best actresses and has been in the business for so long. She’s doing great even without joining a variety show as a fixed member. Everyone’s reaction was same like me, wondering why she joined the show, why NamooActors LET her be on that show. To be honest, I didn’t mind if it was another show other than WGM. I mean… WGM?? It’s like the most hated show there in Korea. It’s a show that’s famous for getting its casts hate. No need for example, I think you guys already know.

Yes, I did watch the show but out of all of many many couples I only watched Leeteuk-Kang Sora couple and Song Jae Rim-Kim So Eun couple and I had stopped watching WGM after SoLim couple left. When I read an article stating Kim So Yeon would join the show I couldn’t stop asking myself why she did it. I was excited to be honest. She’s my fav and I definitely wanted to watch her segment. So, I found myself kept on refreshing kshownow‘s twitter page every 10 minutes every Monday.

Kim So Yeon is inviting her friends on tomorrow’s episode. And guess what! Her Falling for Innocent co-stars are the ones she invites! Yes, that’s right! Jung Kyung Ho, Yoon Hyun Min, Lee Soo Ji, and Lee Si Un will be on the show! When I saw their faces on my screen I could’t stop blinking my eyes, “Is this true? That’s Jung Kyung Ho, right? OMG JUNG KYUNG HOOOOOOO!!!” I gotta admit, Falling for Innocent made me fall for him HARD. Jung Kyung Ho’s appearance excites me more than Kangin‘s appearance when I am an ELF LOL.

They are still friends and sometimes they go and hang out together. It’s nice to know that people you like in a drama still get along well together because you know that they still in good term and really are friends not just some “connection”.

She invites 4 friends and all of them are her co-stars. Here’s the sneak peak for ep 292 and make sure to watch the show with english subtitle from kshownow‘s official web. Help them, they’re struggling.

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