Yong Pal [review]


Apparently Yong Pal is just like its predecessor, Mask, turning from an excellent drama into a mediocore makjang drama. There are people who are extremely disappointed with the writer and I am one of those. Ep 1-6 are pure perfection. Everything is good and moves in lighting speed with great explanation (forget the horrible editing on ep 4). The episodes are intense and keep you at the edge of your seat, biting your lower lips out of nervousness. I was already nervous the writer would run out of material to fill the rest episodes and my worry became reality way too fast. For ep 7 the writer played a bit in the most dense forest in Amazon and the writer got lost there for good. Around this time too, it was revealed that the drama faced accusation of plagiarizing a webtoon called, City Conquest 7. City Conquest was about to be webtoon-turn-drama and the filming had already begun but couldn’t secure a time slot in broadcast stations due to government intervention.

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (9 out of 10)

Let’s skip Joo Won since we all know how an amazing actor he is. This is more like a tribute only for Kim Tae Hee. Kim Tae Hee can act guys! Even though her acting in Jang Ok Jung satisfied me but she’s better than that in Yong Pal. She acknowledges that she’s a lacking actress (Entertainment Relay interview) and works hard to improve. She’s great in Yong Pal especially when she’s being an antagonist. She delivers her line just fine. Her crying scenes are always on point. I still remember her crying scene in Jang Ok Jung when she got miscarriaged. In Yong Pal, also, she nails her crying scenes and all of her scenes in general. She suits dark roles to be honest. Her gaze is no joke when she’s being an evil.

Chae Jung An did a great job being two faced person. Jo Hyun Jae is a discovery for me. In some scenes he looks extremely scary. Choi Byung Mo did an extremely great portraying his role. His character frustrates me so much to the point I really want to smack him. He changes his master as easy as changing clothes. I swear, his character would probably make it to my most-hated-character list this year.

All casts did a great job expect Tae Hyun’s sister. She’s stiff. There’s almost no flaw in casting and it’s such a shame that the script can’t live up to its casts’ acting ability and is too weak.

CINEMATOGRAPHY (8.5 out of 10)

Can we talk about how great the posters are?


I love both! Pretty promotional poster is one of my many reasons why I start a drama. In this case, The two posters are extremely pretty to look at. It’s classy and the edit is extremely gorgeous!

As for the drama, the cinematography is really lovely to look at. It looks polished. And the camera angles are pretty to look at. The editing team did a great job even though they messed up in ep 4. The camerawork and editing in latter episodes are definitely really the best!

PLOT/STORYLINE (7 out of 10)

Where to even start…. Ep 1-6 are pure perfection from plot aspect but after that the story goes downhill. The character development is great but the story development is not. Kim Tae Hyun is first introduced then Yong Pal. And Yong Pal is painted as an ambitious person, “no one dies on my operating bed.” And thanks to that he made friends with a boss of an underground gangster who later saves his life twice. Yeo Jin also needs to thank him!

Yeo Jin is first introduced as an conscious soul trapped in an unconscious body. Chae Young, Chief of Staff, and Chief Lee have strong presence in this drama. As strong as the two main leads.

Now, into the plot.

I am extremely disappointed with the writer. I had high expectation in this drama because it has Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee. The writer also wrote Reset and that drama aired on OCN – even though Reset also didn’t live up to my OCN Expectation-. Reset is boring but fine, it still has X factor to keep me watching as for Yong Pal. Well, Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee are my only reasons why I didn’t drop this. It’s not that the drama is extremely bad. It’s good, it’s bearable, watchable, and great. But it’s pretty draggy and lacks in logical sometimes. And the worst is, Joo Won worked way too hard to keep the drama afloat.

Ep 7 is like the worst episode out of 18. Ep 8 is better and the rest of the run is just so-so. The love line is too rushed. The PPLs are too obvious. When PPL is too obvious it’s kind of annoying, right? But it’s only one episode though, thankfully.

Then, Yeo Jin turns into a villain, GLORIOUS EPISODES! Kim Tae Hee really suits dark roles instead of princessy roles. Yeo Jin turning into a villain gives a very powerful impact to the story and even though she’s starting to look scary I can’t help but support her.

The plot may be frustrating for some people. It’s not that it’s really draggy but at some point it feels like the writer doesn’t give a f*uck and gives us half-assed work. So many filler scenes. I personally think that episode 16 is a filler episode. It has many flashbacks and unnecessary scenes.

The last minute in ep 18 has a special spot in my heart because Yeo Jin narration is the same like what she says in the teaserrrrrrr. The super difficult surgery Yeo Jin has to go through is somehow ends in just less than two minutes and the knock off Yong Pal doesn’t do anything. Chief Lee and Tae Hyun do the whole thing God this is so funny. This knock off Yong Pal is supposed to be better than the original Yong Pal LOL but he doesn’t do anything. He’s only standing there and asking Tae Hyun, “Are you in? Okay, scissor.” and nods like what he’s seeing is something he just learns there, on spot. And that’s literally everything he does LOLOLOL.

OST (10 out of 10)


I loveeeeeeeeeee the songs. K.Will’s song especially ranks high since its release day (top 3 guys!). As of 151016 9PM KST it ranks at 86 on melOn and #28 on Genie.

Overall score: 8.7
Worth re-watching? Probably no.


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