AWL to premiere Oct 24th 2015

Awl (송곳) is another webtoon-turn-drama and another work based on E-Land Mart Retail union labor protest.  Cart (2014- korean movie) first adapted this true story and brought it to the big screen. jTBC tries to bring this to the small screen and hoping it’ll hit it big just like Misaeng did. I slightly -really- want Awl to hit it big for some personal reasons but with the simple synopsis we have so far, this is something that I would ignore if I was going just by the synopsis.

The synopsis screams, “I will be a heavy drama, stay away from me”. With everything that’s going on with me lately, a heavy drama is just too much for me to take. But again, some personal reasons of mine scream, “give it a shot, you love heavy dramas!”. I DID love heavy dramas (political, evil schemes, sageuk those kinda thing) but lately I tend to gravitate toward light and happy dramas. Heavy dramas have their own charm that you won’t be able to find in lighthearted dramas.

The lineup is great!  Ji Hyun Woo will be on your screen!! His role in Queen Inhyun’s Man is his permanent image of him in my heart I mean, who can forget his puppy smile T_T Even though I know that his role in Awl won’t be the same. On the contrary, Ahn Nae Sang‘s cruel dad role in KMHM is his forever image in my heart. His gaze in the teasers freak me out. Another charismatic actor, Kim Hee Won is also a part of the team. Kim Ga Eun with her platinum blonde hair will also take part the drama and Yesung will also have a role here. I’m super excited to see Ji Hyun Woo doing a completely different role than his role Queen Inhyun’s Man, yes, I’ve never seen his work after that drama. Not a fan of Kim Hee Won but I seriously like this actor. In dramas/movies he always plays as a bad guy while in reality he is a softhearted ahjussi who happens to be clumsy LOL. When I think about it, it’s amazing how he can completely cast away his real self everytime the camera’s rolling.

Yesung…. Yesung, um okay. I’ve never seen his acting except in Attack On Pin-Up Boys -the title is silly yes I know-. But as far as I remember he didn’t have many scenes in that movie. If I’m not mistakes he only appeared twice?? First on stage, singing, then second while walking on the street then he got hit by *poop*. And, that’s all. IF I’M NOT MISTAKEN. It’s been so long since I’ve watched it. BUT, he has been in two musicals so far even though I don’t know how he acted in those two but I wanna believe that he did great. When I first knew he’d in the drama I was kind off worry. Some idols need to stick to singing/dancing only while some can branch out to acting. Let’s see which category he is in.

Awl has dropped 5 teasers. Unfortunately the drama’s official website  only has the 5th video teaser and some photo sketches. I assume they released the bts and stills though news portals so yea, go to Korea news portals if you wanna see the bts and stills. The 5 teasers, jTBC has uploaded (to their official youtube channel) are:

To be honest, out of 5 teasers I only like the last one. They did upload another one few hours ago but it’s now listed as private video whaaaat? That private video teaser is so good so I thought that the drama would be great but after watching all 5 teasers and reading the synopsis naah, I don’t even know whether I’ll be watching this drama or not. I think I’ll see how people react to the drama first and decide what to do next.

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