‘Awl’ First Impression

I ended up giving Awl (also called Drill) a shot! I didn’t expect much when I started this, I just solely wanted to see check the show out but BOOM! Magic happened. It sucked me in! First of all, I have only watched the first episode. This First Impression post is my opinion about the first episode and my opinion may change in the future as the episodes goes on. This post includes my predictions on how the show’s going to be based on my humble opinion as I haven’t read the manhwa.

At first, this seemed to be a VERY heavy drama judging from the teasers but when I watched ep 1, it wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be. Maybe because this is only the beginning. I believe the drama will get more and more complex over time.

I have so many pretty caps just from this 60 minutes show which is RARE. This shows how in love I am with the drama. The cinematography is so beautiful. The camerawork is great and I love how polished the scenes are. The acting is top-notch from every cast and the plot is moving at LTE speed but isn’t confusing. The transition from the present to flashback is good and we can follow the plot easily.

First episode introduces us to the characters, especially the lead characters. The episode opens with Goo Go Shin (played by Ahn Nae Sang)’s incredible skill in turning one perfectly running business into dust -well, we almost see that-.

It seems that his character will be a nice one. It’s gotta be great! I need to forget his role as abusive father in KMHL. I’m guessing that his character will be very important. His opening is so great and I think that he’ll somehow help Lee Soo In and the labor union.

Then Lee Soo In (played by Ji Hyun Woo) is introduced as a corporate man. His employees dislike him due to his overly strict personality thanks to his past as a commissioned officer. And how he wishes he could fire them all LOL. We get to know the younger him and his parents. His past self is being narrated and I love it! It adds an extra kick to the story.

He’s painted as someone who is PURE OMG HOW TO DESCRIBE THIS. I just adore his personality. He is strict, but he knows the limit. He has the morality and is a proud man. He knows what’s right and what’s wrong. I also really like him in military uniform because he looks so dignified and wise even though him in suit is also dignified and wise.

I can’t say that I’m not excited about Yesung’s appearance. He only has less than 2 minutes screen time and I kinda think it’s the appropriate screen time he should be getting for now. I think it’s important for him to take small roles first since netizen’s words can be as sharp as knife if he doesn’t do well. I’m not saying he’s bad at acting, I’ve never seen his acting except on Attack On Pin-Up Boys which is yearssssss ago so that’s why I want him to build his acting career with small roles first. Get recognition for his effort then he can take bigger and bigger roles after that.

Can’t tell whether he’s good in acting or not just judging from his less than 2 minutes appearance. I’m hoping that he’s great though. No fan in this world want his/her idol gets called as idol who sucks in acting.

Now the story. The story heavily criticizes the society. I hope politicians will take a look at this drama and watch this. This is a common problem that I think every country has. This case can be easily found everywhere. And side with power ends up winning everytime. The labors are the ones who suffer because of the higher ups’ greed.

Lee Soo In already get the order to fire all of the worker under him and he shows objection towards the order. Based on the synopsis, he’ll fight with the labors against the unfair lay off. The frustration starts to build up and ep 2 will be deeper than this I bet and I’m really looking forward.

Despite my cap choice, the drama is not as heavy as you think it is. Give it a shot and witness it yourself whether this drama surpass Misaeng or not as it media played before.

It’s up to here for this post. It’s 23:36 right now by the way in my country.
Good night everyone, sleep tight!

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