The Celebrity December 2015 Issue

Today is the last day of October which means tomorrow November is going to greet us and we’re only 61 days away from 2016!! Time flies too fast. So many things I haven’t done this year and having the thought that we only have 2 months left is kinda scary. This year is surely my most stressful year so far in my 21 years of life but I’ve also learned a lot. I mean, A LOT about life.

The Celebrity dropped its beautiful pictorials 2 weeks ago I think? It’s kinda late for me to do this kinda post and I wanted to just let it pass but the pictorials are so gorgeous I can’t even! Maybe it’s just me being too biased since it features Super Junior’s Eunhyuk‘s last pictorial that’s also his last work schedule before enlisting. I definitely love the pictorials. It’s simple yet it looks so classy and has strong aura.

I definitely have a mini heart attack everytime I see got guys in oversized sweater.

I definitely have a mini heart attack everytime I see got guys in oversized sweater.


And, one scan from the actual magazine, the shot that actually made it, scanned by a fansite called StillYou-赫海依然站的微博_微博 


More and more scans on StillYou‘s weibo.

Now the cover girl! Lee Yeon Hee looks effortlessly stunning. Decks in fall outfit and poses like a queen, don’t forget the beautiful settings, this pictorial is definitely one of my favorites! For some reasons, I think they had this photo shoot in Indonesia. The background looks so Indonesia. I don’t know where did they have this photo shoot so if it’s not in Indonesia don’t get mad. I’m not trying to be patriotic.

LOVE everything in this shot

banana trees and coconut tree!


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