Falling For Innocence Reunion on WGM ep 293

Remember that one post I posted before about FFI casts would gather together to visit the newlywed couple Kim So Yeon – Kwak Shi Yang? They did! On ep 292 and 293, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoon Hyun Min, Lee Si Eun, and Lee Soo Ji visited the couple, did some game, talked a lot and had so much fun! Those who have watched must know how fun it was.

There’s nothing better than having your friends around. In ep 293, they 4 were so noisy(in good way) and so funny. While watching I couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear because they were being genuine. They teased Kim So Yeon non-stop and I found it really funny. Especially when Hyun Min said he had thought that So Yeon had some feeling for him and Kyung Ho also said the same thing LMAO.

You can watched the subbed episode on kshownow.net and click on ep 293. If you want to watch Kim So Yeon – Kwak Shi Yang segment only, their segment is on the 3rd and 4th part. Click the link then wait 5 secs, click to skip and it will redirect you to the subbed video. If you’re a fan of FFI but not WGM, it’s okay to watch the show. It’s fun even though some parts are a lil bit of a stretch but they had so much fun in the video and the positive energy will resonate.

PS, There’s no way I’m affiliated with KShowNow. I’m promoting their work because I’m thankful for their sub. I appreciate their work and I think you should too 🙂 It’s 7:17 AM now, so… GOOD MORNING!


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