Cruel City BBF Make An Appearance on OnStyle’s Drama

Cruel City BBF Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min made an appearance in a mini series called Because It’s The First Time that’s aired on a cable channel, OnStyle. Everyone who has watched Cruel City or Falling For Innocence must know that these two guys are best friend in real life. They first appeared together in a jTBC’s drama, Cruel City aka Heartless City. Watch the drama and you won’t regret. Only one episode and you won’t be able to drop it. Their second appearance together is in 2014 MBC special drama House, Mate. Yoon Hyun Min and Cruel City female lead, Nam Gyu Ri were the main leads and BBF Jung Kyung Ho made a short appearance. Unfortunately, up until now there’s still no english subtitle for this special drama 😦

The third time they worked together was for Falling For Innocence that’s unlike in Cruel City where they were BBF, in Falling for Innocence they were rival. Because It’s The First Time is their 4th time working together. The duo are cameos for ep 4 as policemen. The mini drama has invited many stars to make an appearance.

I don’t watch the drama. I only download the drama to cap BBF’s scenes LOL. But it’s supposed to be a light, heartwarming drama that tells about a friendship of 5 childhood friends and the live of each of them. I read somewhere that there will be 16 episodes with 15 minutes each. But I don’t know for sure though.

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