“Because I’m A Doctor” – Prof Han

I couldn’t help but hated Prof Han (played by Ha Suk Jin) because he always rejected boom-ticking patients. He had bad impression but in ep 14 I looked at him in different light. This is a post about that one scene that made me changed my opinion about him. AN APPRECIATION POST!!!! 

Director Park’s greed over the hospital ownership is getting out of control by now. He implicitly tells Prof Han to just give up on his dying brother-in-law and not to bother to perform proper surgery. Director Park tells Prof Han this is a necessary thing to stay on Director Park’s boat. But Prof Han rejects the offer because, “I’m a doctor.”

The scene opens with Director Park entering the isolation room where his brother-in-law is after the surgery. Prof Han is also there. No conversation for few seconds until Director Park starts the conversation.

Director Park: “You promised to just perform a simple surgery, why?”
Prof Han: “Because I’m a doctor. ”
Director Park: “Would you explain what you mean by that?”
Prof Han: “Because I’m a doctor who studied medicine to save people. I’m not in deep pit yet to sacrifice a life for my own ambition. As a doctor, I haven’t abandoned my pride.”
Director Park: “Those words seem like you’re saying you’re a doctor and I’m not. You’ve hurt my pride.”

Director Park: “You don’t regret it? Getting off of my boat?”
Prof Han: “The problem is, to which direction the boat is heading. If the direction is wrong then getting off of the boat is the right thing to do even if it’s in the middle of the sea. What about reversing the boat now?”
Director Park: “No, the boat is near the dock already…..” “If Dr Lee Hae Sung knew about Prof Han Woo Jin’s medical malpractice, what would happen?”

Director Park: “Ah, one more. When you get off of the boat in the middle, you won’t see the land.”

I seriously hate Director Park more and more. His greed over the hospital and his ambition to kick Hae Sung out of Mirae is really frustrating. His evil schemes are endless, like the only activity his brain does is to think of a way to get rid of his brother-in-law and Lee Hae Sung. Prof Han was once his favorite but Prof Han didn’t do what he wanted, Prof Han is now an enemy. Dr Yoo, is his next puppet. Geez, these two undoubtedly, the most disliked characters.

I hope Prof Han won’t forget his root because however, before he’s a professor, he is a doctor whose job is to save people’s lives. I don’t want him to go back to his old days just because Director Park threatens him. I want him to join hands with Lee Hae Sung and save more people including Director Park’s brother-in-law since I want Director Park to get kicked out.

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  1. Esraa Osama
    Jan 01, 2016 @ 23:16:32

    Which drama is it? :)))


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