5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made (Five to Nine) First Impression

Hello everyone!! How’s your December so far? Mine is not being very nice to me. Well, at least there are still positive and happy things that I have!

As some of you may know, my favorite genre is everything heavy -revenge, politics, melo, yeah you name it- but lately I kind of distant myself from those dramas. Google has a new job to fulfill, that is to find me happy, comedy, romance movies and mangas. Korea drama and movie industry is full with almost-heavy to heavy materials as of late (I’m very selective now, so I don’t watch many dramas for now) I only watch korean movies and Remember and Bubblegum for now for the Korean devision. And that’s why I’m kind of “moving” to japanese dramas. It’s not like I watch tons of japanese dramas all at once.  For the Japanese devision I have 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji on my list along other Japanese movies and dramas waiting to be watched.

I know that 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji is ending tonight, TONIGHT. But I only started watching this series 4 hours ago and this is just something I can just pass it. The first 3 episodes are totally what I’m asking for from a rom-com! It’s hilarious, it’s refreshing, it’s pretty romantic, the female lead’s character is unlike typical lead females in jdramas/movies, and Junko’s fashion is totally my type! Character of the female leads in most jdramas and movies, tbvh, annoys me most of time. Like, heyyy why so weak. A guy does a cute/kind gesture and you’re head over heels for him. And they tend to -almost- never shows any objection on how the male lead treats them like…. I don’t know. Maybe because the culture is different here and there. I grew up in a country where women and men are equal in everything so it’s pretty yeaaaaah you know.

Unlike the typical female lead, Junko (played by Satomi Ishihara) -so far- is different. She’s strong, she’s independent, she’s pretty stubborn, and she has her own principles. Her dream to moving to NY actually really inspires me. I, too, have a dream like that! Coincidence? She works hard for her dream and that’s very inspiring!

Tomohisa Yamashita plays as Takane who is the male lead  and is very very selfish. Not going to lie, his character is no where near romantic. He doesn’t listen to Junko, very stubborn and only thinks of himself. But also, not going to lie, this type of guy is the loyal one.

Now the plot. A guy has love interest in you is every girl’s dream. But THREE guys have love interest in you.. whoa. I want to be in Junko’s position T_T please fate I’m counting on you!! My biggest question in this drama probably would be, is a monk allowed to do all that? I mean here in my country monks are not allowed to date in other words, they need to completely obliterate the feeling of lust. Completely. And they have their heads shaved, okay some have hair but not longer than 3cm long. I know it’s a manga but please, a monk?

The reaction is not exaggerated which is great! The comedy is very entertaining too.

The image quality is not as good as korean dramas. What I mean here is the camerawork and lighting. The first episode looks pretty dull like the 00’s dramas but it does improves on the next episodes.

For those who just discovered this drama, take a sit. Enjoy the show 🙂



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