The Reason Why I’m A Fangirl

Why am I a fangirl? Why am I so happy with just knowing that they’re fine and they enjoy their lives? Why am I satisfied with only my idols acknowledge me as one of a bunch of blue lightsticks? The drama The Time I’ve Loved You answers these questions so perfectly. Basically, they can do whatever they want it’s their lives after all. I can love them as much as I want, they give me smiles, they make me good, their songs are my jam and I can release my stress with seeing their photos, listening to their songs, or watching their dramas or variety shows. I can ignore them completely on days I just want to focus on my life and not worrying that someone will bombard me with questions. Fans can come and go as they want and I can do that too and I won’t have any burden unlike when you break up with your bf lol (even though I don’t want to leave my beautiful fandom. The day you find me leaving my current fandom, that’s the day I walk out from Kpop).

Madam Choi or Choi Mi Hyang is crazy over idols and one day Choi Won asks whether she’s happy or not and her answer is…

I’m happy being a fangirl ❤

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