Movies? Yes!

Movies? Yes! Everyone loves movies and so do I.

When I started this blog I just wanted to share my opinion about Korean dramas I watched. Over time, the blog wasn’t only for reviews but it grew into something that actually had big portion in my life as I tried to be as dedicated as I could even though I kind of failed? Lol. The first idea I had for the blog was Quote of the Week. I used to post it every Saturday but now you can get your weekly dose of drama quotes on Mondays. I also remember that I actually manually posted it! After almost a year or so, I started to schedule the posts ahead of time so that QotW could be posted regularly, on the exact same day, exact time.

I only focused on Korean dramas on my first months of blogging but now I don’t limit myself. I watch Japanese dramas too. This year also marks a big event. I watched a Taiwanese drama this year after 4 years not doing so. That’s Someone Like You did some magic to me. As you can see, I’ve posted some reviews on Japanese dramas here. I really don’t limit myself now. My scope was just Korean dramas, but now I’m reaching out to Japanese and Taiwanese too.

My blog’s growth didn’t stop there. This year I’ve been really active in improving my blog. I’ve created several new categories this year to support my blogging activities such as A Scene To Love (LOVE this one), Appreciation Post, Magazine Section, even Special Post that’s super special. There are times when I also give freebies even though I don’t do it often. Everything I’ve done, I’ve dedicated do this blog, all of them are related to dramas. Now, as we’re approaching a new year, how about a fresh and new idea for the blog, too? A movie section, maybe? YES, I’ll be covering movies too starting next year! Hooray!! I have 4 reviews on my draft already and can’t wait to actually post them here on the blog.

My taste in movies is not quite different from dramas. I always search and watch something new and refreshing. Not really a fan of romance, you know me! What’s great about movies is the genre is definitely much wider and boarder than dramas. You definitely get to watch great acting there and the actors really give their best. There are actors who do movies more often than dramas even some do movies only, so it’s a great way to discover new faces and new crushes >.< I do notice that movies are so great in cinematography and acting skills of their casts are no joke. So definitely, you want to check movies out. There are so many great Korean and Japanese movies waiting to be discovered so guys, from now on, spare your time to watch one or two movies and let’s talk about movies too on here 🙂

Sharing a good thing is always a good thing.

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