She Was Pretty [review]


“When you try to protect something, there is no correct method of doing so. In that process, there may be misunderstandings that can arise.” – Chief Editor (She Was Pretty)

She Was Pretty bid farewell weeks ago I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW college takes up 90% of my life thanks to skripshit. I had the draft for this drama even before the drama ended but what could I do. I couldn’t finish the draft. Skripshit was haunting me night and day. If I hadn’t schedule appreciation posts weeks prior, my blog would have looked so dead. Just want to let you know that that skripshit is still going on in my life so I can’t promise to be fully active on blogging in near future.

She Was Pretty is such a nice drama. It has comedy, it has romance, it has friendship, no antagonist, no makjang plus handsome guys on top of that. Just everything you could ask for from a drama. On later episodes, when everything starts to get serious, the drama still has comedy that’s just the right amount to help us heal. She Was Pretty is definitely a recommended drama if you ask me. Every single episode has at least one scene that you’ll remember until the end of the drama. I got really upset when the sub came out late, that’s how excited I was for the show every single week!

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (10 out of 10)
Gotta agree that the casting is flawless. They have chemistry and so natural with each other. I honestly can’t imagine others as Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk. Both are irreplaceable. Hwang Jung Eum and Choi Siwon do wonder with their role. Their comic timing is gold. Their chemistry is so sizzling and natural.

Hwang Suk Jung as Chief Editor is fabulous! Her character adds a pop to the story and I like how she portrays the role. I mean, who can forget her high-pitched greetings. Park Seo Joon is another great actor in this drama. His chemistry with Hwang is very very very great, natural, and always gives me butterflies. He, in ep 13, is so great. It’s when finally the whole team knows that the magazine may discontinued. That’s one of the many scenes out of this show that convinces me once again that he’s a great actor.

Oh, don’t forget the bromance!!

PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
Another generic rom-com but what’s so special about SWP is its characters. Every single one is unique and equally important and as a whole, they make a very entertaining story. Hye Jin and Ha Ri’s sisterhood is so beautiful. Their friendship is too strong that even after Ha Ri betrays Hye Jin, she still stands by her. At some point I just wish Hye Jin gets angry at Ha Ri for lying to her. Ha Ri is just too much. She crosses the line when she shows Sung Joon Hye Jin’s treasured piece of jigsaw. Hye Jin is so damn nice! Imagine your friend is as nice as Hye Jin. The scriptwriter shows us a very beautiful friendship in a beautiful way even though a bit headdesking.

I, at least, always have one thing that I like from every episode. The plot is predictable but the ride is so much fun. The writer is great in setting up the atmosphere. For example, Sung Joon is a jerk in the first half but he turns into the most romantic prince ever in the last few episodes. And he makes my heart flutter kyaaa.

Shin Hyuk’s goodbye to Hye Jin in ep 14 -without a doubt- is my favorite scene of his. It’s feels so sincere but so heartbreaking in the same time. Until the last moment, he still loves Hye Jin for who she is. Now let’s talk about Siwon for a while.  Shin Hyuk’s personality is like Siwon’s real personality. Siwon is always bright, full of charisma, king of troll, and lets go of his ‘prince’ image every time he’s with the members, Super Junior. He used to post almost everyday and trolled his fans with his hilarious posts on twitter and instagram. Every time I saw his post on my feed it always made me burst into laughter but now, for the next two years, I won’t be getting my daily dose of troll and that’s really saddening. “But oppa is away to serve the nation. Be proud of that! Be proud that your oppa is serving!” Yes, I think I need to keep saying those sentences for the next two years T_T Waiting patiently for my three oppas T_T

I know I said that the plot is predictable earlier, BUT the writer truly fooled me. I thought that the nephew of Chief Editor was Shin Hyuk but it turns out that the nephew is Kim Poong Ho and TEN is Shin Hyuk! It’s very surprising! We (I) were so sure that Shin Hyuk was the nephew but someone who we didn’t even predict was actually the nephew.

Next, my biggest disappointment with the drama is Hye Jin’s transformation. Her makeover is actually  a let down for me because she losses the Kim Hye Jin that I fall in love with in the first place. Like, she changes her personality too. And thank God we get to see Hye Jin was ahjumma curly hair and freckles few times later. I think it’d be better if the drama didn’t transform Hye Jin so that Sung Joon falls for who she is. It’s also a very rare case where a drama didn’t do makeup prodecures and I’m really looking forward if any drama in the future goes with this idea.

OST (9 out of 10)
Link on melOn ->

Now my favorite section in this post is this one. I love every single track in the released VA album. Divided into two different CDs with different tracks each, 40 tracks in total, every track is so SWP, so Most-like. It’s a shame that the song (They Long To Be) Close To You is not included in the VA album. I know that it’s originally other singer’s song but how nice it’d be if they did include it in the album. The song is really famous and has been covered and remade by many singer but the one that’s used in the drama is sang by Carpenters as you can watch the video below:

Track no.1 in CD1 that is 쿵쿵쿵 (sang by Kim Min Seung) is a very lively song that’s going to put smile on your face and always reminds you of the drama every time you listen to it. The second track is sang by Zia (my fav!) is another great song, definitely need to be added into your OST playlist. 모르나봐  which is the 4th track is another (another!) song to be added into your OST playlist. My personal favorite is track no.5 (너뿐이야) which sang by Siwon, For those who are not familiar with Siwon’s own composed songs, this song is so Siwon-like. Siwon’s composition is my second fav out of all SJ members’ composition. And 너뿐이야 is so Siwon, it’s so him. It’s nice and easy to the ear. As for the second CD, I like track no.10 which is Onion’s Love and track no.7 which is 알 수 없는 감정. 

Overall score: 9 out of 10
Will I re-watch? Of course, yes!

And so, the review wraps here. I know I’m lateeee. But thank you for stopping by and also for reading this whats-so-called review. I appreciate that and I love you! I mean it! Oh, SWP appreciation posts are coming your way!!

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