Best Drama OST of 2015

Three years into blogging, this is the first time I do year end post. I have three different end of the year blog posts, and this is like the oldest among the triplet. This is my very own Best Drama OST of 2015 yay! Clap your hands! I had hard time in picking 10 songs out of hundreds OST released this year. Let me tell you, it was really hard. My list may differ from your list because this is really subjective. If your fav is on the list let me know by commenting at the comment section below! Or if your fav is not on the list but you think it should, leave your comment too! Definitely going to help others who happen to find this page and currently looking for OST recommendation.

The 10 songs are listed according to the release date of the VA album of each respective dramas. Instead of choosing ballad, which is my forever favorite genre, I picked songs that’s not ballad. If I chose all ballad then the list is no fun. That’s why I picked some upbeat and cheerful songs too. Even if some may fall into ballad category, it’s not like the usual generic ballad. I looked for songs that have deep meaning and leave deep impression and can stuck in your head even after only listening to it once. Hopefully this list can give you some help if you’re looking for good OST songs. You can also download the mp3 (that’s 320kbps you guys) by clicking the song title. It will bring you to a pan baidu page, just click on the button with 下載 word on it to download. Pan baidu also allows you to listen to it first. Just wait few seconds and the song is going to play automatically. Now, shall we begin? 🙂

  1. Heart to Heart‘s Love Lies sang by Tearliner ft Zitten

The drama aired in super early 2015, which is Jan 9th and ended the run on Feb 28th so not many of you remember this. There are also many people who don’t know the existence of this drama. There is a drama called Heart to Heart which aired in tvN that replaced Misaeng T_T The drama itself is enjoyable and the two leads had their own complex pasts that made the drama didn’t only revolve around the leads’ love but also a heartwarming journey to overcome their trauma from the past. The song is kind of a mix between light rock and ballad. With piano sound dominates the song and the melody that compliments the vocal, it’s a song that breaths fresh air to korea music industry especially now idols are everywhere with their auto-tune, generic, shinsadong tiger songs which sound the same.

  1. Shine or Go Crazy’s 그대가 오네요 or If You Come To Me sang by Lee Ga Eun

I really had a hard time picking one song to represent Shine or Go Crazy from a bunch in its VA album. Each song is really good but there’s something about this song that convinced me that it deserve a spotlight. The vocal gives me goosebumps every time! It stars like a song for some thriller movie but the lyric is heart wrenching.

  1. Falling for Innocence’s Hope It’s Not A Dream by Lee Young Hoon

꿈은 아니길 is a very calming ballad. The guitar and the vocal blend very well. It’s a song that you can sing along even with your limited Korean and poor pronounciation. That’s how easy the song is. No hitting-the-roof-high-notes, just a simple ballad song that you can listen to while staring at the window, watching the rain falls. The song fits autumn and fall. It relaxes you. Even though I don’t know the meaning of this song LOL no translation until now. Oh, I also want to mention another FFI OST that’s so great which is the main OST, 파라다이스 (Paradise) sang by Davink. Unlike HINAD, Paradise is a light rock song. Definitely check these two out.

  1. Missing Noir M‘s OST 자각몽 (Lucid Dream) sang by Kim Yuna and Jaurim.

This will give you goosebumps for sure! The song is just like the drama. It sounds so mystic and mysterious. Kim Yuna’s vocal is beyond perfection. She’s like telling a thriller story through this song. Definitely not monotone unlike the song above, Lucid Dream exploits Kim Yuna’s vocal to the fullest. Don’t forget Jaurim’s rap also compliments her voice. The music itself is already so mystic, Kim Yuna and Jaurim just add the cherry on the top of the cake.

  1. Someone Like You’s I’m Still Missing You sang by Bii.

It took me few listen to finally like the song. The sudden high note -to be honest- is a turn off because so suddenly he screams. But despite that, the song is very easy to the ear. The melody and lyrics are already so beautiful and Bii’s soft voice is perfect for the song. The lyrics are so heart wrenching and romantic at the same time you guys. Like, “I can’t live without you, I need air with you in it. I still miss you, as difficult as breathing in water.”

  1. Ex-Girlfriend Club’s 알록달록 by Jannabi.

This is a so lively so cheerful and so playful song. The English title is Variegated/Dappled. A song that you can dance to. The melody gets so easily stuck in your head. Listen to it just once and this following lyric is going to be played in your head for few times, Soljikhangeol malhaejwo. My girl my girl, such a pretty baby. Yeah! Soljikhangeol malhaejwo.” Or “Love me now love me tight.” OR the repetitive “come on come on come on come on”. It’s a song that very easy to the ear. That one particular instrument that’s playing in the background, is that ukulele? That’s so unique.

Ex-Gf Club OSTs are so nice to listen to. Beside Dappled, the other three songs (Timeline, 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다, Waltz For You) are really good too. All four songs are so Ex-Gf Club! That if have watched the drama and listen to the song you’ll get reminded of some silliness the characters did in the drama.

  1. The Time I’ve Loved You’s #6 track, 너와의 거리 aka Our Distance.

I wanted to suggest Kyuhyun’s 우리가 사랑한 시간  (The Time I’ve Loved You) but I remembered that I want to avoid generic ballad for this post so I chose this song instead! Our Distance is another great song from the drama. It’s not a ballad. Even if Kyuhyun made it to this list, Our Distance would still be in the list. When I had the idea for this post, the drama just made it right away to my list because each OST is so lovely. I’ve decided to just have one OST from each drama so I “threw away” Kyuhyun and put this song instead. The singer is 에브리 싱글 데이 which translates as Every Single Day. Yes, Every Single Day.

  1. Hello Monster, Remember You’s Remember

The song is sang by 디어 클라우드(Dear Cloud). Let me tell you, the song tore me apart few times.  The vocal is so capable in making you feel  misrable. It happened to me few times! I asked my friends who are kdrama addicts, I asked them to get some advises which OST is their favorite for this year releases and all of them say Remember is their favorite! The melody, the vocal, the overall vibe this song gives you is just magical. Listen to the song while reading the translation, if you don’t get goosebumps I don’t know what I should say. I get goosebumps every single time!

  1. Yongpal’s Nightmare. A duet song between Gayoon and Junhyung.

This duet song was used pretty often in the drama. It charted really great too on music portals. Out of all Yongpal OST, this one is the one that I remember and like the most. Maybe because the scene was too powerful when this song was played in the drama. That one scene, at rooftop, Han Do Jun was killed in front of Chae Young. But, the song itself is really good. Gayoon’s soft  vocal with Junhyung’s clear rap just compliment each other. This song is my discovery of Gayoon. I knew that she’s a 4Minutes member but I didn’t know she had such a clear voice!

  1. She Was Pretty’s 쿵쿵쿵 sang by Kim Min Seung.

This is a cheerful song!! The english title is Boom Boom Boom or Thumping. It’s a very fun song that tells about one person’s sweet-cotton-candy-like love towards someone. A song that will always put a smile on your face whenever wherever you listen to this. When you’re depressed, just listen to this song and you’re set. You’re all alright now. Even if you don’t know the meaning of the lyrics you’re still going to have smile on your face. That’s music! It delivers emotion and joy to everyone. The melody is really cheerful.

That all 10 songs that I recommend from this year’s releases. Beside those 10 (14, actually) there are still so many great OSTs this year. Like from Healer. Healer OSTs are so so so good!! Hogu’s Love’s 너의 별에 닿을 때까지 sang by Kyuhyun, Last’s  다가온다 sang by Young Ji, D-Day ‘s main OST 날까지 (The Day) sang by Jung Dong Ha, the currently airing Six Flying Dragons’ OSTs

Every OST is great. It’s just different person has different taste in music. Hopefully this posts helps you and thank you so much for reading!

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