Favorite Dramas of 2015

The last installment of my “year end post” series is here!! This last one is like, save the best for the last. After Best OST and Heart Attack Oppas, the third post is about 6 dramas that I really liked this year. I don’t want to force myself. I don’t want to tell myself hey let’s make it top 10, top 6 is so weird. It’s simply because I only highly enjoyed these 6 dramas this year. Others did satisfy my craving but they didn’t leave such deep impression unlike these six. Please note that this series (year end post series) is very very subjective and 10000% biased. The dramas are listed organized in chronological order. Now, shall we start? ^^

1. Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC)

The first drama is Kill Me, Heal Me from MBC. This one is everyone’s favorite. The drama created big buzz and trend during its airing. Ji Sung did such an excellent job in portraying 7 different characters. He made every single personality so distinctive from one another and that’s why every personality is so memorable. Like, hey, who can forget Ahn Yona or Shin Se Gi?

2.  Ex-Girlfriend Club (tvN)

Ex-Girlfriend Club may not be everyone’s favorite but I truly enjoy the show. The pilot episode is boring, tbh, but it keeps getting better. It’s a lot of fun watching the drama because each ex-girlfriend of Myung Soo (played by Byun Yo Han) is different to one another. The conflict is not too intense but still gives you some sense of “oh this is the conflict they’re facing”. The comedy is on point. The plot moves fast. The OSTs are addicting too!

3.  Falling For Innocence (JTBC)

This drama made it all the way to my all time favs! The first few eps may be such a turn off for some people but it definitely gets better after that especially after Kang Min Ho (played by Jung Kyung Ho) gets the heart transplant. It’s a comedy-romance drama, with strong thriller and mystery. Definitely a drama you need to check out.

4.  Oh My Ghostess (tvN)

Just pure enjoyment. The first half of the show is pure rom-rom but it turns 180deg on the second half of the show where it becomes all thriller and mystic. The chemistry between the leads is so so so sizzling.

5.  My Love, Eun-dong (JTBC)

If the title turns you off,  it did the same thing to me at first!! But really, the drama itself is an excellent melodrama that’s going to tear your heart to pieces. I cried on every episode, well almost on every single episode. It involves affairs though. It also involves the so-called forever-love-that-doesnt-exist-in-real-world-whatever-you-call-it. But aside from those, the drama is really tearjerker.

6.  Awl (JTBC)

How to even describe this one! The drama is very humane and heavily criticizes the society and regulations. The editing, the camerawork, the OST, acting, story, EVERYTHING is beyond perfection. My most recommended drama out of all 6. Definitely a drama you need to watch in you life.

I notice that the majority of my faves are from cable channel which really surprises me. I used to avoid cable dramas because I thought they were poorly done but wow, 5 out of 6 are from cable. JTBC definitely wins the game this year because out of 6, 3 are from JTBC. Besides those 6 dramas mentioned above, there are many other great dramas out there. Like what I wrote earlier, this post is 10000% biased LOL.

Other great drama this year and also highly praised by netizens are like She Was Pretty, Punch, Missing Noir M, The Village, Assembly, Reply 1988, Bubblegum, Last, the first disaster drama in SK –D-Day, and currently airing sageuk Six Flying Dragons.

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