15 Million Won??!!

Okay, I know that Bubblegum ended its run weeks ago but I really want to do appreciation post. I couldn’t live-watching the drama every week because I was really busy when it was airing. I’ve only live-watched 4 episodes and haven’t pick it up again. I am planning to watch the rest 12 episodes in near future so you can expect me to do another appreciation post. For those who have watched the series, hope this post will remind you a bit of the drama and for those who haven’t, hope my post will help you to decide whether or not picking this up.

Now, this post is about a scene that I like from ep 3, simply because it shows how playful the female lead is, Haeng Ah, played by Jung Ryeo Won. The other two (Lee Dong Wook, Park Hee Bon)’s reactions are priceless too. 

This scene is a scene where Haeng Ah is a little bit drunk. She buys a sea creature I don’t know what it is. Apparently she buys two and gives one to Yi Seul (played by Park). Haeng Ah puts it in Yi Seul’s bag and guess what happens next…

After doing something so controversial (LOL) she just leaves them both. Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook) then feels sorry toward Yi Seul and is thinking about buying her a new bag (maybe). He is really worried about Yi Seul’s bag and…

And Ri Hwan is shocked for real.



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