One More Happy Ending [First Impression]

How EXCITED I am about this drama –One More Happy Ending-. First, it’s rom-com. Second, the posters are so lovely. Third,  Jang Na Ra is the lead. Fourth, Jung Kyung Ho is also the lead! Not going to lie, I love brilliant rom-com. I used to dislike it but  I guess I need some sweetener in my life you know as you get older things get more difficult and you have to deal with the world. Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho are match made in heaven in episode one and so far (ep 3) everything is LOVE. I love almost everything 3 episodes offer me.

Things I like:

First, I love both of the leads! They look cute together. I’ve been a fan of Jung Kyung Ho since Falling for Innocence and he made me watched almost all his past works. I love him in almost everything he’s in. And I think he’s great in com-rom so I was really excited when I found out the he would be in One More Happy Ending. I’ve known Jang Na Ra for so long! Was it when I was in middle school when I knew her for the first time? How long has it been since then? At least I’ve known her for 6 years! And I’ve always loved her in everything she’s in. She’s a brilliant actress and her small face is so adorable in this drama.

Second. The color palette!! It’s so lovely!

Third. I love the AU story at the beginning of each episode. It’s so funny but it still connects to the main plot.

Fourth. The plots moves pretty fast and stable. I like how the second male lead, Goo Hae Joon (played by Kwon Yool) already falls in love with Jang Na Ra’s character, Han Mi Mo. I also like that Jung Kyung Ho’s character’s Song Soo Hyuk is kinda confused with his own feeling, whether he likes Mi Mo or not.

The first two episodes lean toward comedy meanwhile the third one is somehow deeper than that. That’s the fifth thing I like.

Both Goo Hae Joon and Song Soo Hyuk are perfect for Han Mi Mo. Up to ep 3, it’s hard for me to choose which one I should ship Han Mi Mo with.

There’s pro and con. There’s winter and summer. There’s like and dislike. I admire Seo In Young as a singer. She has that distinctive vocal that you can recognize right away. Her singles are my jam (even though I’m kind of disappointed with her last album). But I think she needs to get immersed with her role first. She looks awkward at times and it’s a pain because everyone is great acting. She’s doing pretty good but she needs to kinda let go of her singer image.

Go Dong Mi (played by Yoo In Na) is a great character but I do wish that Dong Mi was fatter than that because I’m sure I read the word fat on the first article I read which explained your character in this drama. If you want to go with ugly and fat appearance then go all out. Hwang Jung Eum and Shin Min Ah threw away their image last year while doing “ugly” concept so Yoo In Na, if you go like that and you claim it as “ugly” concept, shut up. You’re not convincing enough. Viewers want more than your ahjumma hair style. The stylist team also needs to put more effort into this.

So far, I’m loving the drama. As I stated above, there are things I like and dislike about this drama but so far it’s still very enjoyable. I’m very curious about episode 4 and I hope ep 4 won’t disappoint.


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