Madam Antoine [First Impression]

MADAM ANTOINE [First Impression]

So many new dramas so little time to catch up. Many new dramas came out on January. How many is that? 6 new dramas? Crazy! I’m not watching them all. I just pick up several that catch my attention, like Cheese In The Trap, One More Happy Ending, Signal, and Madam Antoine. Speaking about Madam Antoine, this is Madam Antoine First Impression!! The only flaw the drama has is bad time slot. It’s up against Signal and that causes Madam’s viewer ratings keep on decreasing.

Many people compare Madam Antoine and Signal and let me tell you, that’s the stupidest thing you do in your life. Madam Antoine and Signal are completely two different type of drama. The genre is totally different so why you compare? I just don’t get it. Some people leave comments about Signal on Madam Antoine articles and say how Signal is much better, how Signal is much exciting, how Signal’s casts are much better in acting and all. I just don’t see the point of this stupid comparison. Sorry, I’m ranting. Both are my favorites and reading those comments angers me.

Calm down. Now, let’s talk about Madam Antoine and just Madam Antoine.

The 4th episode aired last Saturday  -Jan 30th– and I love everything the drama offers me. First, I love the casts!! There are two dramas that make me so jealous of the female lead, Cheese In The Trap and Madam Antoine. So many handsome guys in one drama T_T Sung Joon, Jin Woon, and Lee Joo Hyung in one drama? I’ll be the female lead for free sign me up!! And the thing is, these three guys’ character all fall in love with Han Ye Seul’s character, Go Hye Rim. They all treat Go Hye Rim like a queen. These three guys are cute and handsome and look good together with Hye Rim.

This is my first time watching all these guys but so far they’re doing fine. Madam Antoine is such eye candy drama. It heals my Saturday and Sunday (the actual broadcast day is Friday and Saturday but eng sub comes out on Saturday and Sunday). The cameos are extremely good. Lee Sun Bin who played as Lee Ma Ri, the first patient of Madam Antoine Centre, an athlete who’s under great stress and that makes her lose her vision temporarily. And Rainbow’s Jaekyung, who appears on ep 3 and 4 as a cocky and attention seeker singer, Ju Ni. Both do extremely great in their respective role. This is Jaekyung’s breakthough role for me. I watched her in God’s Quiz 4 but she didn’t really stand out because her acting in that one was forgettable. But in this one she really does such a fantastic job being a cocky person who yearns for people’s attention and love. Her sad scenes are on point. Overall, she does an extremely great job as Ju Ni. I’m not talking much about Lee Sun Bin since I’m not really familiar with her but she does an excellent job too in episode 1 and 2.


Lee Sun Bin

I really like Sung Joon’s portrayal as Choi Soo Hyun, the genius professor. What I most like about this character is not just his voice but also how Soo Hyun always have his hands behind his back. Somehow this reminds me of L, a character from the infamous Death Note. I did google the meaning of this gesture and this gesture indicates that the person is very confident in mostly everything which suits the character Choi Soo Hyun. And don’t forget his grumpy face!!! GOLD!

Han Ye Seul does a good job in portraying Go Hye Rim. Episode 3 breaks me into pieces to honest. Hye Rim is not a strong character, she’s a female after all. On top of it, she’s a mother. Being away from your daughter is hard enough but now your ex-husband says the daughter wants to live together with him. Han Ye Seul delivers that hurtful feelings so perfectly. Overall, Han Ye Seul is great in portraying her character. It looks and feels natural.

The drama may not be as funny as One More Happy Ending but it’s surely fun to watch.


Hye Rim’s skill in telling lies (lol) is a crack! She’s got great skill in reading people too! I wish I were like her. I really wanted to be able to read people and still do. Don’t you know that my one and only dream and life goal when I was in high school was to be a face reader like the character Tim Roth played in super fabulous American series, Lie To Me. The series influenced me a lot and I wanted to major in psychology but sadly my education background didn’t give me a chance to major in psychology.

Deceiving people is not a right thing to do but Hye Rim does it in such elegant way. She does deceive people by saying she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette but she herself can read people almost 100% so it makes her very believable.

The pilot episode may not be everyone’s favorite because it is not for me too. BUT please watch the second episode first before you’re dropping the drama. The plot picks up and start to get really exciting for here on. The whole experiment is silly but it’s addicting. The drama definitely has that strong addicting element that makes me curious about the next episodes.

The love progression between Go Hye Rim and Choi Soo Hyun is just starting!

I CAN’T WAIT for episode 5 because surely Choi Soo Hyun is going to be in denial about his feeling towards Go Hye Rim. There’s going to be lots of scenes of him being grumpy and jealous. And don’t forget more and more smilesssssss

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