5-ji Kara 9-ji Made [review]

“Crying, begging for compassion and everything else is unsightly. Do you think you can move someone’s heart by doing so?” – Takane

Not knowing anyone or anything about j-drama and j-ent as a whole has some good points I think. I become more objective in judging a drama. I’m not being biased or those sort of like what I sometimes do when watching a k-drama. But, please note that my reviews are objective, as objective as I can.

5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made (eng: From Five to Nine) is a Japanese drama adapted from a manga with the same name. It tells a story of a monk who falls in love with an English teacher and unavoidable things start to happen. I loved the show! After reading people’s opinion about the drama especially about the first few episodes, the majority said they didn’t quite like the show. I feel like I’m the weird one because I liked the show from the beginning. I liked how the characters were introduced, Junko’s super noisy family, Takane’s contrast family from Junko’s, and the vibe of the show as a whole. Of course some things just didn’t work for me but as a whole 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made is an entertaining show.

Once again, I’m not familiar with everyone in this drama. I’m not familiar with how Japanese actors actresses act and how Japanese people in general judge their actors actresses’ acting skills. I’m not familiar with Japanese acting standard. So I’m going to review them just like how I review Korean actors actresses who I think have great acting skills.

Junko, hands down my favorite character among all. Largely because Ishihara Satomi did a fantastic job in delivering her lines and emotions. She kinda reminds me of Ariel Lin and Han Chae Young. Her portrayal as Junko was great and I liked how natural she was in acting. For example, her annoyed face everytime she saw Takane was priceless!

Yamashita (Yamapi?? People are calling him that) suited the role given to him. The role required one facial expression throughout the show though. But I wanted him to have more diverse facial expression because some scenes needed different facial expression that his cold and straight expression just wouldn’t work to build the right emotion for the scene. For example in that scene where he proposed to Junko he kept his straight facial expression it just didn’t work for me. I wanted him to have the most romantic facial expression ever in that scene.

As a whole, the acting department in this drama was great. I did want them to give better acting but in the final product they nailed their job.

The drama is adapted from a manga with the same. Heard that the drama was toned down significantly to suit the TV requirements whatever it is. I also heard that Takane in the manga is a total jerk. So, I think I’m kind of thankful for these?? xP

The resource is a shoujo manga that everything suppose to be sweet, cute, and romantic. But what’s romantic about kidnapping, stalking, and not listening to other’s opinion? I get it. It’s a rom-com drama and yes, Takane following Junko to almost every time was kind a cute. The “kidnapping” because Takane didn’t want to be separated from Junko was kinda funny, according to my drama logic. But being too stubborn and not listening to others’ opinion are different case. In early episodes Takane didn’t even let Junko voice out her opinion. His love for Junko was kind of scary if I were in Junko’s shoes. He got better as the episode went on though. He started to listen to Junko, tried to understand her and was considerate.

The so called war between Takane and Amane was flat. The granny was so presistent LOL. She actually the one who made the show bearable. I still don’t understand why Chief Priest didn’t have any power. He’s the Chief Priest in the temple but the granny was the one who decided everything including Takane’s marriage. If he was that powerless then why bother having him?

So Japanese monks are allowed to get married. So Japanese temples can have christmas tree in its area. This really shocked me because here in my country monks are not allowed to even have boyfriend or girlfriend. They even must leave their family and live in temple in order to be  a monk. After knowing this I knew right away that 5 to 9 is not a drama you should watch with brain.

I like this pairing tbh!

I know my review sounds like I hated the show but I really liked the show! The drama got better on later episodes so hang in there if you planning to drop this drama. Yes, it was romantic at some point, VERY romantic really. The comedy wasn’t forced and exaggerated which is good. Japanese works sometimes force their comedy. The other thing I really liked was Junko’s fashion sense. It’s just simple office look but looked so chic. Her fashion consisted of basic tops, simple coats, and office pants. But she looked really stylish.

The kisses galore at the end was cuteeeee. Overall, it’s an enjoyable drama just don’t watch it too seriously. Don’t watch it with your brain LOL. I give it 6.5 out of 10. It’s a cute drama so I think I may re-watch it again some time in the future but only the second half of the drama.

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