Are You Excited for Pied Piper??

Cable dramas are trend! And it seems tvN is the leader among other cables -jtbc, OCN- . OCN focuses on crime, police procedural and those gory things. jtbc’s dramas are gold when they’re gold. Secret Love Affair, Awl, Falling for Innocence, just to name a few. How about tvN? tvN provides a wide range of genre and puts out way more dramas than the other two and of course not every drama is great but they’re better than the majority dramas out there. 

Their next bet to win Korea’s heart is Pied Piper that’s going to replace Cheese In The Trap. The drama is scheduled to premiere on 7th March which is only two weeks away!!! With Cheese In The Trap heading to different direction I can’t help but want Pied Piper to premiere as soon as possible. Cheese is such a disappointment lately even though I still enjoy it a lot.

I’m not familiar with Yoo Jun Sang. I’m sure I’ve watch projects that Shin Ha Kyun was in but I really can’t recall him in any of that. The leading lady Jo Yoon Hee is great but I’m not a fan. Casting wise, 50% I wouldn’t watch the drama. I don’t want to invest my limited time on something -especially drama- which I don’t know anyone in it. I love discovering new faces and talents though.

The magic word is here. “Director Kim Hong-Sun and screenwriter Ryoo Yong-Jae previously worked together in 2014 tvN drama series Liar Game.” I loved korean version of Liar Game I actually enjoyed it more than the original works. The drama was great in both writing and directing and the ones who wrote and directed that drama are the ones who involve in Pied Piper. Me, going to watch this!

There are many aspects that make me watch a movie or  drama. It’s not the casts’ names alone but also the director, the screenwriter, the teasers, the promotional poster -I’m serious about promotional poster-, and there are also a lot of things that make me drop a drama. We don’t know whether Pied Piper is going to be another blockbuster drama like Signal because it hasn’t premiere yet. We don’t know whether Pied Piper is going to be able to maintain the hype it has gotten so far and live up to our expectation. But I’m pretty confident that the writing is going to be great. Hey, it’s from a writer who wrote Liar Game and Time Between Dog and Wolf!

For those who haven’t seen the teasers, you can watch it on tvN’s official youtube channel or for your convenience I’ve listed them already below (30s ver). The teasers don’t spark my curiosity though. But who knows! Awl’s teasers were awful as hell but I ended up loving the drama and it made its way to my all time fav dramas.

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  1. Мария Герасимова
    Jun 30, 2016 @ 02:29:47

    ke-ke-ke 🙂 For me all absolutely on the contrary: i know how Snin Ha Gyun can plays, but absoltely do not know about director and screenwriter :)))
    But after I watched it I must probably put these names in my favorite list! 🙂 It’s so exited, adorable, wonderful! I can not break away from the first to the last series.


    • red
      Jul 02, 2016 @ 05:04:37

      Oh you’ve watched the drama? What you think about it as a whole? I haven’t watched it and I’d love to hear your opinion about the drama. Your opinion could make me watch the drama 🙂


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