Kim Shin Hyuk Galore


Just another Kim Shin Hyuk of She Was Pretty (played by Choi Siwon) post. He’s currently serving as a police to fulfill his job as a man of South Korea (534 days left!!). It’s great though that when holidays come his friends and family always keep us updated with his condition and photos. It’s super nice seeing him with army/police attire. It always reminds me that he is actually serving the nation because he is always all over the news lol

Him and his dog, Bugsy. First uploaded to the internet on 29th Dec, 2015

This is another She Was Pretty appreciation post. I loved the show very much and Siwon benefited the most from the show, that’s true. And this is KIM SHIN HYUK DERP AND TROLL SPECIAL POSTTTTTTTT

D-534 of waiting!!

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