My Love for “One More Happy Ending” ep 13 & 14

I was a little disappointed with One More Happy Ending ep 11 and 12 because they didn’t really meet my expectation but ep 13 was surprisingly great. Maybe because Han Mi Mo (played by Jang Na Ra) and Song Soo Hyuk (played by Jung Kyung Ho) finally got together. Don’t forget the fact that they looked extremely great together here. There are many scenes that I like from ep 13 and 14 and I wish I could upload all of my caps but it’s pretty impossible. I have almost 100 caps! This is my newest record. 

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, no this is not a recap post. This is a post about my opinion about the episodes, about things I want to point out, and an appreciation post because the writer finally gave me what I had been waiting for. This posts contains TONS screencaps so it might finish loading for some time if your internet connection is a bit slow /like mine/. Now, shall we start?

Episode 13 and 14 were cheesy! But it’s not extremely cheesy. Really, I hate it when dramas are too cheesy because it’s so cringey. I just can’t stand too cringey things. Episode 13 was really funny and light but it had some substance to it. I actually liked Soo Hyuk’s jokes.

In ep 14, they once again got drunk! Jang Na Ra’s whiny voice is really cute. Especially at 9:27 when she said “gabang juseyo” just so cuteeee.

The thing I like about this drama is the screen distribution. We get to see other casts pretty often and we also get to learn about their personal lives which adds extra point to the plot. Just like Go Dong Mi (played by Yoo In Na)’s part. This scene is my favorite scene of her out of all her scenes in ep 13 and 14. I admit there’s no message in this scene but it’s really funny. It also showed that Ahn Jung Woo (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) was being genuine with their relationship.

Don’t forget about Ae Ran (played by Seo In Young) and her husband Dong Bae (played by Park Eun Seok) were starting to get closer. The other couple Da Jung (played by Yoo Da In) and Goon Hak (played by Kim Tae Hoon) were also starting to open up to each other again. Their love program was actually really heartwarming. There’s possibility that they will reunite again as one happy family with their son. But who knows what will happen in the future!

Don’t forget Soo Hyuk’s relationship with his son!

It’s great to see that Min Woo finally accepted Mi Mo. Min Woo also told Mi Mo about his mother and and shared this worry.

AU side story in every episode is so funny so far. And I miss Romeo Juliet! On early episodes they call each other Romeo and Juliet but it’s kinda saddening that they don’t address each other like that anymore.

The plot is getting more excited with only 2 episodes left. I’m really looking forward on how Mi Mo will react on her ex-husband being Soo Hyuk’s younger sister’s fiance. I also really want to know how Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s relationship will be like since Soo Hyuk has Min Woo.

So far, the drama is still really exciting. That’s true that few episodes are kinda boring and dragged but the plot does get better and addicting. The leads have chemistry and look cute together. It has balanced humor and serious element. Not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely mine.



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