“Madame Antoine” Appreciation Post

With just two episodes left I’m wondering whether or not Madame Antoine will satisfy me or not. Madame Antoine is definitely not the best release so far in 2016 but definitely entertaining. I find myself keep wanting more after watching every episode. I’m addicted to this drama but not going to lie, there are some parts that’s a bit boring and lacking but overall, the drama is entertaining.

First, let me briefly review the drama. The drama has flaws, certainly. The acting is a bit lacking but still believable. Each is doing their best in acting and so far they’re still great. Sung Joon is not the best actor in this drama but his grumpy acting is so so cute. Jinwoon surprised me. I didn’t know he was this great. Yes, I’m a member of group that think idols should refrain themselves from acting especially when they’re bad at it. I didn’t expect Jinwoon to do great but he surprised me with how natural he is. Lee Joo Hyung as Won Ji Ho is pretty stiff. Hwang Seung Eon is doing a fantastic job.

Some episodes let me down either it was draggy or just plain boring. The psychology cases are great but the way the writer wrapped the last 3 cases are a bit too simple and not leaving any impression. I wished s/he would dive deeper into the cases and explain the cases and the solution in a simpler way for me to understand without sacrificing the meaning behind it. For example, the first (Ma Ri, the athlete) and second (Ju Ni, the celebrity) case were wrapped and explained well. The cause that triggered their behaviour and how Hye Rim and Soo Hyun found a way to help them.

I’m tired with them fighting like stop fighting already guys. They fight and make up then fight then make up. I’m tired with this pattern already. I know that their fight is due to Soo Hyun’s experiment and he just can’t give up on his experiment knowing that it’ll leave bad impact to his career and it also involves a big amount of investment. But wouldn’t it be better to just let go of the experiment and fully focus on Soo Hyun’s past (his mother, family, his brother) and the aftermath of his experiment to his relationship with Go Hye Rim. I’m just saying~~

Anyway, I’ll review the drama thoroughly later after the drama ends. After all this post is not a review post but an appreciation post. This post is basically me just posting some random caps with no meaning behind it lmao. And yes, some are your typical kdrama cheesy dialogues. Don’t ask me why. Just because!

Ugh look at those books. I WISH I WAS THERE! Library is one of my most favorite places. That authentic book smell is one of my favorite smells. It’s weird, I know! As someone who highly enjoys reading, a large and spacious library with a huge collection size is an important place to visit. Don’t you know that one of my life goals is to travel to Boston? And live there if possible. Back in my middle school days, I remember watching a show and that show talked about Boston. The show’s host explained that Boston has one of the largest libraries in the world and since then I’ve always wanted to go to Boston and yes, spend my days reading Boston Public Library’s collection. The States has so many public libraries with huge collection size and we can borrow the books.

A guy, all bundled up, is following you to your date? No worries. He’s a professor. He has Ph.D behind his name. More importantly, he’s in love with you but still doesn’t realize that.

When you have confidential files in your laptop and you don’t want anyone to fine it, put in in one folder and name it under  Brown-Eared Bulbul. When someone sees it and ask what it is then answer it’s porn videos and ask them to watch it together with you. Works 100%. Seung Chan also used this method lmao. For your information, Brown-Eared Bulbul looks like this:

On their behalf, I’m sorry.

Ji Ho as a character is a very irritating one. One doesn’t kiss passionately if s/he doesn’t love the person s/he kiss. Even though you’re a naive kid but please have some common sense. I seriously pitied Yoo Rim for those things Ji Ho did that hurt her. Thank God now he has some common sense. He’s a cute babo puppy at times but he’s also an irritating babo puppy at the other times.

Say what??? Cheesy. Somehow Sung Joon managed to pull it off. It is cringey! I admit! And if someone said that to me my toes and fingers would curl up. I can’t take cheesy stuff, I’m no good at that.

Madame Antoine is wrapping up this week and I can’t wait to see how the writer will end this story. A happy ending is a sure thing since this is a rom-com. I just want the story to end properly. Surely, I’m going to review this drama thoroughly but when I will post it? Noone knows *giggles*. I have so many movies to review, don’t forget Cheese In The Trap ended last week but I still haven’t gotten my hands on it. Signal is ending this week too just like Madame Antoine. I can’t review more than 1 movie/drama in one week IF I want to put out high quality review.

Until then, keep checking out my blog. I have scheduled/queued some interesting posts that you don’t want to miss.



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