A Notice. An important one. Yeah

Just a little update guys. As you can see on the movie review page,  there are 10 movies titles that are not linked to any page in this blog even though the movies’ names are there on the page. That means I’m currently still working on the reviews. Those movies are:

Beauty Inside/뷰티 인사이드 (2014)
Elegant Lies/Threat of Lies/우아한 거짓말 (2014)
Go Lala Go 2 (2015)
Jinx!!! (2013)
Joseon Magician/The Magician/조선마술사 (2015)
My Brilliant Life/근두근 내 인생 (2014)
Northern Limit Line/연평해전 (2015)
The Priests/Black Priests/검은 사제들 (2015)
The Throne/Sado/사도 (2015)
Veteran/베테랑 (2015)

I also have tons of dramas I’ve watched but haven’t gotten a chance to write the reviews just like the movie case. Those dramas are:

Cheese In The Trap (tvN, 2016)
Madame Antoine (jtbc, 2016)
Oh My Ghosts (tvN, 2015)
Oh My Venus (KBS, 2016)
One More Happy Ending (MBC, 2016)
Signal (tvN, 2016)
Splash Splash Love (Naver,MBC, 2015)

I feel extremely guilty for that. Definitely going to dedicate 2 whole days to write all those dramas and movies reviews. I’m not a super speedy person when it comes to making review. Just like what I said on one of my recent posts, I just can’t finish one review in less than one week if I want to pour all of my emotions and heart into it. I need more than just one week. And another variable is, I’m a busy person in real life. 24 hours a day is never enough for me so for me to sit down and jot down all of my thoughts after watching a movie/drama is pretty hard. I don’t have much leisure time to sit and write a review. If I do have a littleeeeee time, I just queue tons of Quote of the Week and appreciation posts just to make sure that my blog won’t get dusty lol.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog so far. Reviews of all movies and dramas mentioned above will definitely be posted on this blog someday even though I still don’t know when but definitely going to be posted here.

Just like my banners says, my name is Red and I watch TV

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