Go Lala Go 2 [Movie Review]


“Be brave, and get what you want back.” – Chen Feng (Go Lala Go 2)

This movie has everything!!! But one thing that’s very stands out is the three leads. Each of them has Golden Bell Awards trophies at their homes. The casting alone is much more than enough for me to watch this movie. I’ve been a fan of Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen since In Time With You. Vic Chou was a part of original oppas group aka F4, my mom adored (she still does omg!!!!)  the group and the drama (Meteor Garden) so much back in the day and it’s crazy to know that she still loves them. Every time I watch a Taiwanese movie/drama she will always ask me whether Tou Ming She is in it or not. LITERALLY! She’s still a hardcore fan even after all these year.

We’re going to review the movie those amazing actors are in and was released in 2015. It’s Go Lala Go 2. I haven’t watched the first movie and will definitely check it out (been telling myself this since monthssssss ago though) later because the second movie made me fall in love.

First of all, let me say something about their official promotional posters. They are so so pretty. I’m a weak person when it comes to pretty posters. When a movie/drama has pretty poster, most of the time I would watch that movie/drama.

The problems  that Lala faced were relatable to our daily lives. Your boss liked your subordinate more than you, your relationship started to get messy, a prince with white horse told you he liked you, the pressure from your job, and…. Letting go of someone special.

By the end of the day Lala couldn’t lie anymore and ended up letting go of everything which I think is very meaningful. Not everyone is capable of giving up things they’ve worked so hard on but Lala gave up on them almost so easily. This actually hurted her so bad but she kept her head up and stayed positive.

The reunion was so touching. Wang Wei ‘s propose to Lala was so heartwarming and romantic. Like, future husband please say those sentences to me T_T

“I can live without traveling around the world but I can’t live without you. Because the most beautiful scenery I want in my live is you. We don’t need preparation for “it”. Will you marry me?”

I want Bolin Chen to have more scenes but on the other side, his scene was just right. His story didn’t get too long so the main lead wasn’t overshadowed. Which is great. Screenwriters -sometimes- force the love triangle to happen and one of the main leads gets buried a little bit. In this movie, you get clear vision and idea who is the lead male and who is the second male because the writer drew a clear line.

Now, moving to the acting department. All three casts are everyone’s favorite because they’re amazing when the camera’s rolling.  Ariel Lin shed a good amount of tears to fill a lake. The reason why Wang Wei’s propose scene is my fav is, Ariel did such an amazing job in crying. She put emotion to it and you can feel her mixed sadness and happiness. Vic Chou was great! Let me be honest, this is his second work that I watch after the Meteor Garden series which is years ago. Am I the only one who likes Vivian Wu portrayal as General Manager Qu? She pulled of that elegant, unapproachable aura. She kinda reminded me of Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada which is kinda odd. I don’t know. She just kinda reminded me of Miranda Priestly.

And am I the only one who’s questioning what the hell Nana was doing here? I mean, the casts were all amazing. Them alone already made the movie a success, why bother casting a Korean idol for this small role just use your homeland actress, dear director. Nana was pretty good but she was dubbed which ruined the mood.

The color palette in this movie was so so pretty. The cinematography was so damn good. I liked how polished the scenes were. The editing and camerawork were great too. Sadly, there were PPLs. They advertised Lancome -a cosmetic brand whose products I’ve always wanted to see on my makeup desk but always cry at the price- in the movie and the products were seen pretty often and they were cringey!! Like, why should General Manager Qu gave Lancome’s Miracle perfume to Lala when Lala said she wanted to resign and said “make your miracle happen” like…?? It’s so awkward and their intention to advertise the brand was so  obvious. I don’t mind PPL in movies but please make them look and feel as natural as they can. Do you guys remember that infamous PPL in a Korean drama, Yongpal? I’ve never wanted to see such PPL being placed all over the top like that anymore. That “make your miracle happen” was so forced.

As a whole, the movie is a very enjoyable movie. You can watch it to kill time because it doesn’t really drain your emotion, at least for me. It’s for entertainment only.

It’s a 8.5-out-of-10 movie for me!

My name is Red and my name is Red! xD

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