Punch/펀치 Appreciation Post

After Six Flying Dragons, Signal, and Madame Antoine ended their run, I have nothing to watch. What I mean by nothing is NOTHING. I only have Come Back Mister on my plate and one drama per week is never enough because I have nothing to watch from Saturday to Wednesday. So I went through my downloaded dramas folder on my laptop and picked one drama to watch. The lucky drama was Punch/펀치. 

When the drama was on air I didn’t want to watch it. Months after it ended I still didn’t want to watch it. The plot was too heavy for me. I was in my “no heavy dramas I want to watch light-hearted ones” mood. So I ended up shelving it for a year now. But now that mood is gone and I can watch all heavy dramas I’ve downloaded for the last one year and start watching it one by one. The next drama will be Assembly/어셈블리. Just like Punch, Assembly got so many praises from Korean and international viewers and I’m excited to pick it up.

Up to episode 8, Punch is still a very very VERY solid drama. Every character is so layered. They have so many secrets and it’s being revealed one by one slowly. And it’s connected to one another. The level is different. We only watch immature fight between two male chaebols to win one poor Cinderella’s heart and fight between King’s brothers and ministers to take over the throne in sageuks. It’s rare to watch ministers of a nation fight to cover up their mistakes in the past like in Punch. The drama is full of cover ups. They play so dirty but they don’t kill. They play with their words and absolute evidences are present. The level is just out of our league.

Jung Hwan: Do I have to lose? The privileged ones are running with their family wealth on their back. Should I just watch? Ha Gyung, that’s just how it is. That’s just how it is. 
Ha Gyung: The poor ones who make an honest living are getting mocked in this world. Now I understand why. Because they lose every time. Because they lose out to someone like you. Because I don’t want them to lose.

The dialogue is very rich. It’s full of idioms. The characters twist and play with their words. What Jung Hwan (Park Rae Won) says is relatable to our lives. He says many great things. He speaks a lot about life because he’s hanging by a thread. I seriously feel sorry for this character. He only wants the best for his family but the clock is ticking. One second passes means he losses one second of his life.

It’s a strong and solid drama up to episode 8 and I’m excited to watch the rest!

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