“Punch” Appreciation Post Part 2

So I finished Punch (SBS, 2015) few days ago and still can’t believe at how amazing this drama is. It’s a well-rounded drama with excellent acting from every cast and the plot is very brilliant. Almost no good person in this one which is suffocating for those viewers who want to watch only good characters in dramas. If you’re in this category, don’t watch the drama because you won’t be able to find the beauty of Punch and you’ll end up giving it bad comment.

I’ve decided to not review this drama since I have super limited time now after being a full-time worker LOL this is something that I should be proud of. But I still want to give this series a proper send-off since it entertained me very very well. So, here I am, posting the part 2 of my “Punch” Appreciation Post ihihi. Because one post for this type of drama is never enough!

As I said on my first post about Punch, I picked this drama completely at random. And it’s amazing that this lucky drama is an outstanding series so it didn’t let me down. After watching some great dramas lately (Six Flying Dragons, Signal) I was rather anxious if Punch could live up to my expectation or not since well, my standard bar was pretty high especially for heavy dramas. But Punch didn’t let me down at all! As I wrote on the first paragraph, Punch is a well made drama. The acting is wondrous. Every cast does an excellent job playing out their role. Every scene looks very polished and crisp. The music choices are on point. The plot is very thick, full of cover ups, dirty tricks, and deal under the table. It’s heavy! This drama is very heavy! Definitely not for those who hate heavy dramas. The dialogues are rich.

It actually gets me thinking really hard and I find myself trying to put myself in the characters’ shoes. Would I act like them too? Would I play dirty tricks like them too? Would I try to be above the law?

“People lose the most precious thing at their most splendid moment.” –  Park Jung Hwan (Punch)

A question for you all, when is your most splendid moment? For Park Jung Hwan (played by Kim Rae Won) it’s when Lee Tae Joon (played by Jo Jae Hyun) gets his Prosecutor General position and he guarantees Jung Hwan that when it’s time for him to step down, the position will be Jung Hwan’s. Jung Hwan thinks after all those years he does dirty job for Tae Joon, finally he gets paid for it. But life is not on his side. He has brain tumor and he doesn’t have much time left to live. He finds a doctor who’s willing to operate on him. He thinks he will live. No, he’s wrong. Maybe because he’s used up all of his luck during those years he committed bad things, his operation fails and that causes more damage to him. He has less than 3 months to live.

When he thinks it’s the last bad thing he has to face before closing his eyes forever, once again, he’s wrong. The bad people he’s been working for touch his family. He has no other choice but to protect his family and that means, he has to drag those bad guys down along with his fall. It’s not an easy road. It was full of mountains and cliffs.

It’s an amazing journey watching him fight for his family. Again, it’s full of cover ups and dirty tricks. It’s a very heavy journey. Watch the series and you’ll understand what I’ve been meaning to say. Even though I don’t write review for this drama but that doesn’t mean I may not rate this excellent piece. Punch gets a solid 10 out of 10 from me!

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