Madame Antoine/마담 앙트완 [Drama Review]



“Even when you love someone, you make mistakes sometimes.” – Go Hye Rim (Madame Antoine)

A psychiatrist meets a fortune teller? It’s pretty normal in real life. But, how about a psychiatrist has his office on the upper level of the fortune teller’s café? If someone were to recommend me to meet the psychiatrist I would have doubts because I would think that the psychiatrist and the fortune teller work together to scam me.

The idea was rather new to me so it had my attention on it.  The experiment idea was mean knowing that that it played with the subject’s emotion and feeling. Madame Antoine had that chance to hit it big but unfortunately they couldn’t mobilize all of the resources to do that. A pity!

If I could change the cast lineup I WOULD LOVE TO! The two leads were lacking in acting especially Sung Joon although not going to lie that his grumpy and judging face is life!

I’m just going to copy-and-paste my sentences from my previous Madame Antoine postJinwoon surprised me. I didn’t know he was this great. Yes, I’m a member of group that think idols should refrain themselves from acting especially when they’re bad at it. I didn’t expect Jinwoon to do great but he surprised me with how natural he is. Lee Joo Hyung as Won Ji Ho is pretty stiff. Hwang Seung Eon is doing a fantastic job.

The drama was fun for most of the part on the first half of the show. Maybe, largely, because the plot was rather new to me and unique. Their cases were great too. The cases were explained clearly and it tackled my emotion too.

The writing felt sappy as the story progressed. The experiment was dragged for waaaay too long. The male lead here was someone who had emotional scars from his childhood yet the writer dragged the experiment too long and so we couldn’t get a better and deeper idea about his hurtful past. Soo Hyun and Hye Rim fought so damn often because of the experiment and it annoyed the hell out of me.

Claire! Claire was pretty much useless. It’s like the writer ran out ideas to make Soo Hyun and Hye Rim fight so s/he threw in Claire to start the fire again. The writer was so obsessed in turning them into fighting machine. It lacked preparation. A. LOT. Claire’s presence was unnecessary to the plot. Her character didn’t give much contribution to the plot too.

It felt like the writer threw in everything in the last 2 episodes, a classy mistake over the years. Some writers believe they can give us sloppy, half-assed plot for 14 episodes and then give us a super damn great, packed with information and conflict on the last 2 episodes to give that sense of “BANG” feeling. No. that’s not the case dear screenwriters-nim. We appreciate a drama more if it’s well-written from start to finish. For example, this drama. It’d be so much better if they stopped the damn experiment several episodes earlier then spend the rest of the run explaining Soo Hyun’s past and problems and his misunderstanding with Hye Rim. The “BANG” feeling the writer tried to pull off fell way too short of expectations.

Speaking about Soo Hyun’s past, it’d be nice if we could see Soo Hyun spent quality time with his mother and brother. I want to get convinced that they were already in good relationship. It’d be nice too if we could get an idea why his father treated him so bad like that. Again, details in this drama were seriously lacking.

On the brighter note, everyone got their own happy ending! I was happy for Dr. Bae (Jang Mi Hee). I wasn’t rooting for Dr. Bae X Seung Chan romantic relationship, no. I just wanted her to get treated for her cancer. You are a precious human being. Don’t ever ever give up on living. There’s nothing that can stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest so that’s why, if you were ever in Dr. Bae’s position, never ever give up on the treatment. Never.

The show could grow big and hit it big even though viewer ratings wouldn’t reflect that because we had Signal. Hello from the other side~~~. At least the show could get some buzz about it and good reviews from k-netz and got a lot of articles every week but nope. It didn’t happen. The writer kept on focusing on the experiment and was busy looking for an idea to make Soo Hyun and Hye Rim fighter every now and then. That turned people off. The plot could be deeper than just that. The writer could exploit Soo Hyun’s past more and get that buzz but nope.

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I don’t really remember the BGMs. Did they use any BGM at all??? Because literally I can’t remember one. The OST album isn’t out yet too.

I LOVE ROO (루)’s Swing Magic! It’s the ending song. It’s nice and pumps up my mood every time. A perfect piece for this drama. 

Overall rating : 7 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Nah, I don’t think so.

Last words, the acting wasn’t spectacular in this drama. The plot wasn’t spectacular too to begin with. As s whole this drama lacked a lot and couldn’t even keep up with the fun it once had in early episodes. A pity! But definitely a light drama you can enjoy just don’t really watch it with your emotions invested because you’ll go crazy since they fight a lot!


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