Come Back Mister/돌아와요 아저씨 [Drama Review]


“You are more than worthy of love. So don’t think foolish thoughts.” – Lee Hae Joon (Come Back Mister)

Ok, let me talk about my watching schedule first. I have time to watch dramas but apparently, I don’t have any drama to watch which is a sad thing. I think that this is the first time I have no drama that I follow on weekly basis in these last 4 years. Ever since Signal (tvN, 2016)and Six Flying Dragons (SBS, 2015-2016) ended their run over than a month ago I only followed and watched Come Back Mister –and marathoned Punch-. But now, even Come Back Mister bid its goodbye, I have no dramas on my plate anymore.

Anyways, Come Back Mister closed its curtain last week and it was very satisfying for me. I’m sure all of you who followed the series also share the same opinion with me. Show made you laughed so hard and cried hard.

I was very hesitant at first because the teaser was kind of silly and out of place in my opinion. So I told myself to pass on it but weeks later I found myself marathoning its 6 episodes in one sitting! It didn’t feel like 6 hours at all. Ep 3-6 went by in a flash. I felt it was only around 20 minutes every time an episode ended. That’show addicting the drama was! I couldn’t get enough of the plot. Comic reaction from the leads were on point  and was very funny.

I had always underestimated Rain’s acting. The only acting project of his that I watched is Full House so I was very skeptical about him from the very beginning of Come Back Mister. And, let me tell you. He exceeded my expectation and it’s all that I wanted to know. I was surprised at how genuine he was doing his job and how natural he was doing all those hilarious scenes. I especially loved him very much in early episodes because hey, who can forget him mesmerizing his own body?!

I was also very skeptical about his emotional scenes but he did very great! It made me feel really bad for always looking down on him.

Oh Yeon Seo was hands down AH-MAZING in this drama. Not only she gave her best acting, she also let go of her pretty image. She was able to pull of “a very macho man trapped in a woman’s body” acting. I laughed so hard at the way she walked and sat. She was gold in this drama. She stole the spotlight.

Lee Ha Nui aka Honey Lee was honey! Tbh, her voice distracted me a lot in her previous drama Shine or Go Crazy in which, Oh Yeon Seo was also her co-star. But Honey Lee was definitely better in Come Back Mister than in Shine or Go Crazy. She sometimes spoke in nasally tone especially when she was with Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo) and that is very cute! I couldn’t forget her crying scenes. She cried her heart out every time! You can feel her sadness by just watching her cry. I got depressed when she was depressed. I was happy when she was happy too. She really surprised me at how much she improved over time. I remember her being all stiff in Shark (KBS2, 2013) but she was extremely amazing in this one.

Choi Won Young once again put me in awe. He proved himself to be an actor with wide acting spectrum. I’ve seen him in so many dramas already and his character is always different to one another. Him, in ep 14, sent shiver down my spines with how much angry he got at his wife in the series, Song Yi Yeon (played by Honey Lee).  He was angry but still tried his best to control himself. A type of thing you will see from a couple who’s in fight in real life. His raw emotion gave me goosebumps all over my body. It’s a pity that he only had soooo little screen time.

If I have to point my finger to one that didn’t do well, then Lee Min Jung will be the one I’m pointing my finger at. It was hard watching her especially when she shared a same scene with Rain. It’s a shame knowing she’s been in the game for so long already. Emotional acting doesn’t suit her, never even once in her acting career. Well, at least in my opinion.

I loved the director’s way in directing this drama. It felt reassured and he knew how to bring out the best of the plot and everyone’s charm. You can tell that he put a lot of thoughts and effort in every scene. I liked how he shot a scene from many different angles. I liked how polished the scenes were. I liked how artistic the drama as a whole was. He took some really pretty shots and I was extremely impressed with it.

The editing lacked at times but the good things outweighed the bad. But really, at times the editing felt half-assed done and over the top.

The drama was very refreshing for me from start to finish, like a breath of fresh air. The plot didn’t get draggy and sloppy at all. In fact, it got better and more complex episode after episode. The twists were very unpredictable and it blew my mind. Everything was connected to one another. I loved how layered the characters were especially Da Hye (Lee Min Jung).

Every episodes went by so fast. I happened to marathoned ep 1-6 in on sitting and it didn’t feel like 6 hours at all! And yes, I have repeated it again and again.

The writer did a good job in distributing every character’s screen time since there were 4 main characters that had to be handled. It’s true that the writer favored Kim Yeong Soo more than Han Gil Tak judging from the amount of screentime Kim Yeong Soo had in the drama especially in the first half of the show. Every side character was unique on their own and were as important as the leads.  The writer also did a good job in developing the characters and story. Every episode was solid and there weren’t any plot hole that I think could potentially ruin the flow.

Most dramas always go downhill after the first quarter of it, but it’s not the case with Come Back Mister. The plot moved at stable pace and the writing was tight from start to finish with twist and comedy and heart tugging moments here and there. It got darker/heavier as the episode went by but the writer balanced it out with inserting funny scenes here and there. The comedy wasn’t forced or exaggerated. It just went with the flow. The writer also put extra attention on the details.

Come Back Mister is a mixed of comedy, romance, revenge, and family. I especially found it very heartwarming to see how Da Hye’s family interacted with one another.


I completely lost it at Ha Na longing for her father on episode 13. Just to warn you, their conversation was very heartwrenching  and heartwarming at the same time. Prepare a box of tissue beside you!

“Ahjussi, I like you but you’re not my dad.”

Very heartwarming! It showed how much Ha Na loved her father. Maya-ssi showed up and did a magical thing so Ha Na could see his father and they shared a conversation together. I liked it that Yeong Soo got a chance to talk with Ha Na with his own body and not borrowing Lee Hae Joon‘s body. How Da Hye reacted when finally Ha Na got home was very emotional. It’s something like real life mothers would do.

On episode 14, Yeong Soo got so concern after finding out that his father might have Alzheimer. He also accompanied  his father to the park where grandmas and grandpas visit to exercise. He also introduced his father to the grandmas and asked them to take care of him. This might be one of the very last things he could do for the father. His monologue was very touching. Those two sentences can even apply to us when we see our fathers. The drama was realistic at some point due to these little things. Something that real life people would do!

“Father when did you become so small? You seemed so big to me before.”

I liked Han Hong Nan and Song Yi Yeon love-and-hate relationship. They were cute together and definitely friendship goal! Sometimes when they were together Yi Yeon acted like she didn’t want Hong Nan to be around. But when Hong Nan wasn’t around, she couldn’t help but miss her.

I was more than happy when Da Hye said she loved Yeong Soo. On previous episodes it felt like Da Hye was just toying with him and took advantage of him but she finally confessed that she trully loved Yeong Soo. Yeong Soo wasn’t pitiful!!


Fate is such a funny thing. I dare you to say the otherwise after you watch this drama

Overall rating : a solid 9 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again?

Oh look, grandpa was watching Six Flying Dragons! lololol

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  1. Peach Lady
    May 20, 2016 @ 06:54:05

    Nice Review. I can’t agree more


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