JINX!!! [Movie Review]

JINX!!! [Movie Review]

Few weeks after Death Note ended I caught this fever called Yamazaki Kento fever and so I checked out Kento’s past works. That’s why I ended up watching L.DK and Jinx!!! Both are entertaining enough and different from one another. L.DK is a romance movie meanwhile Jinx is more about friendship. L.DK is a movie you want to watch when you need sugar injection into your life while you watch Jinx when you need some warmth. Plot-wise, Jinx is deeper than L.DK. But I enjoyed L.DK more. Jinx may not be the best movie aboud friendship and romance but it’s certainly good enough to make you sit and watch at least half of it.

For some people this post might feel like half-assed post. Not going to lie, because I also think so. I literally don’t have anything to talk about. I just talk about the major things I notice from the movie and that’s it, so UNLIKE the usual me. So I make it up with tons of screencaps LOL but please bear it. My next movie review won’t be like this. Promise! There are 2 drafts already with 1,000 words long, each. That’s still draft guys. Usually the final version will be longer than the initial draft -word count-.

Now, into the movie!

Quoted from asianwiki.com, the movie tells about:

“Kaede (Kurumi Shimizu) and Yusuke (Kento Yamazaki) have feelings for each other, but they do not express their feeling honestly. Ji-Ho (Hyomin), who is an exchange student from South Korea, gets to know Kaede and Yusuke while attending university. Ji-Ho notices the feelings held by Kaede and Yusuke for each other, so Ji-Ho introduces a Korean style romance and leads Kaede and Yusuke to love.”

Plot development was good, humble, and relatable. Kaede and Ji Ho didn’t become friends right off the bat. It took some time for Kaede to accept Ji Ho as friend. The friendship between them was something we can relate to. Just like Kaede didn’t know Ji Ho too well, and Ji Ho didn’t share her pain with Kaede, in real life we sometimes encounter this in our friendships. That’s why I say their friendship is relatable.

The reason why Kaede and Yusuke became distant to one another was explained in such humble way. Just one little misunderstanding caused them become “stranger” to one another. The transition stage between strangers and friends was acted out in great way. Those awkward gestures, awkward smile, awkward conversation. And as they became closer each day, the awkwardness lessen gradually.

One of the reasons why they were so awkward is, because they had feelings for each other. Coincidence? Nope! Ji Ho gave love lesson to Yusuke who was 100% unromantic guy who didn’t even know how to act in front of Kaede. The love lesson was cute. We got to see more of Ji Ho’s past during this stage. We learned what made Ji Ho like that and can sympathize for her.

Ji Ho didn’t have to be a non-japanese imo. Say Yusuke and Kaede both lived and went to college in Tokyo. Ji Ho could be someone from outside Tokyo. Ji Ho didn’t really have to be a foreigner, right? Hyomin’s acting was awkward as hell so that’s why I don’t really see the point why it should be a Korean for Ji Ho role. But I want to praise her for delivering her lines in Japanese by herself. When you watch Taiwanese dramas/movies with Korean star in it, usually they just deliver their lines in Korean and the team will just dub them. Hyomin did all her lines by herself and delivered it in Japanese. Kento did good and so did Kurumi

The cinematography was decent and the editing was great. One scene that’s very memorable is that scene when Ji Ho chased after Kaede to try to explain the misunderstanding. The camera was shaky and gave off such humane touch.

As a whole, it’s a nice movie to watch. The plot is simple yet moving. The acting is yeaaaaaa that. The thing I like the most from the movie is the fact that Ji Ho and Yusuke stayed as friends until the end. If this was -fully- Korean production, I’m sure Ji Ho and Yusuke would have love line. It’s satisfying enough for my movie craving but I wouldn’t recommend it tbh. But if you have time to kill, you can watch this. It’s entertaining enough.

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