10 Reasons to Watch “Oh My Venus”

Earlier this year I decided to marathon Oh My Venus, a drama that had Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub as its leading actors. It’s a shame that it took me over than 3 months to review the drama when I only needed 3 days to finish all 16 episodes. I was also shocked at how fast I finished this drama. The drama was fun and cute for most part. It’s an almost perfect drama for me.

A review of this drama is coming real soon, I promise! I don’t want to just send off this drama just like that. So, that’s why I’m posting this post. My very 10 reasons to watch Oh My Venus if you haven’t! Please notice that this is 100% biased and unprofessional. I might look like a pathetic fangirl but that’s the point of this post! One thing I can guarantee is, the review of this drama is professional. I wanted to send off this drama with 2 posts that have completely different vibe from one another. One is me being super blinded, and the other one is me being super objective.  One is unprofessional, biased, silly, and stupid, and the other one is professional, almost boring, so review-like. Ok enough with that. These are my 10 -fangirl- reasons on why you should watch Oh My Venus!

1. The OTP are cute together! Their chemistry is sizzling!

2. Handsome guys in black suit! I’m a sucker when it comes to handsome guys dressed up nicely and neatly in black suit. Especially when their body is built nicely and have board shoulder. My heart is weak for that >_<

3. Those handsome guys can be cute at times! An extra point when handsome guys can be act or be cute at times. It shows that they are also human T_T

4. Those handsome guys who can be cute at times can also act silly! They are humans after all.

5. The Princess and the Handsome Guys have so much fun when they’re together

6. The OTP’s exercises are cute and seductive at times!

7. The OTP’s scenes and lines are straight out of those romance fanfictions. 

8. So Ji Sub with a kid is the cutest thing on earth!

9. So Ji Sub’s sad eyes.

10. Shin Min Ah’s super thin eyeliner. I can never draw such thin eyeliner no matter how much I practice.


More reasons to watch the drama will be included on my review of Oh My Venus which will be up next week! I’ll be back before you even know it. Stay tuned 🙂


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