The fact that I didn’t post anything the last 3 weeks actually scares me. After working it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to keep up with dramas and life. I’ve been really unproductive and lazy lately, my garden is the proof, I haven’t watered the plants for 4 days already gosh. My lifestyle is a bit messed up now. I arrive at home then eat then shower then sleep. My body just can’t take it. Commuting is not an easy job here in my country. People (especially women) push you really hard when get on and off the train. Besides, the train is always damn packed full of people.

Ok enough with the rants. Some of you may be thinking that I’m giving up on kdramas by now but no you’re wrong. I will never give up on kdramas, not until I don’t feel the excitement anymore. Even though currently airing and  new dramas now don’t spark my curiosity and interest which is saddening. But I always believe that great dramas need time to be produced so here I am, waiting patiently for those great dramas to arrive.

While waiting for those great dramas, I have a bunch of dramas I want to watch, you know, to give it a shot and see whether they’re worth watching or not. They are some-month old dramas. I always try to watch dramas that spark my curiosity even though if it means it take me months to even years to finish it LOL.


Jang Yeong Shil review is coming up, just finished it recently. Currently I’m watching Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi and also rewatching Heroes. Yes that NBC’s series. Despite of too many plot holes and stupidity, Heroes still remains as my favorite American series.

That’s all for today. My name is Red and I watch tv!

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