Cheese In The Trap [Review]



I highly enjoyed this drama!! It certainly had flaws but the greatness overshadowed the bad. I don’t read the manhwa since it’s too long and too time consuming (I’m a very impatient person) so let me review this as a standalone drama rather than manhwa-adaptation drama.

Ps, I’m going to address the drama’s full name, Cheese In The Trap as CITT for the rest of this post.

Everyone was so great in acting! No need to talk about Park Hae Jin he walked straight out of the manhwa like people said. Jung’s dark side was portrayed in such convincing way by Park Hae Jin and scary Jung kinda reminded me of Park Hae Jin’s character in Bad Guys, Lee Jung Moon.

Kim Go Eun was such a cutie. Her acting was natural that I thought that she was born as Seol not as an actress who get a role to play as Seol.

Seo Kang Jun proved to me that he can act. I watched him in Cunning Single Lady even though I dropped it midway but he was awkward in CSL meanwhile in CITT he was great and convincing.

Lee Sung Kyung as Baek In Ha is life! If we were to describe the characters  as colors, all of them were either black or white meanwhile Baek In Ha was red, VIBRANT RED. Lee was excellent with her reactions. Lee’s excessive acting was actually what made the drama so much fun. It took some time to get adjusted to her acting though but she did extremely excellent in portraying two different sides of Baek In Ha.

Not very impressive but the quality was above compared to majority public broadcasts channel dramas. Not very outstanding and to be honest there’s nothing very notable about the cinematography aspect. Yes, I am a sucker because my standard is damn high.

It was really fun in the beginning but the director got very very biased towards Baek In Ho and it ruined the drama as a whole. The fun, excitement, and butterflies suddenly disappeared. Jung’s internship was like a golden chance for her to ax Jung completely from the show. It was very disappointing watching the second half of this drama because of one and other thing. My biggest problem with it is the male lead got downgraded to a MINOR role like…

Oh Young Gon and Son Min Soo were headdesking. I get it that Oh Young Gon was necessary in this drama but Son Min Soo? I’m not really sure.

The director’s favoritism towards Baek In Ho was not great at all. All those piano scenes were unimportant. It’d be much more better if those minutes were spent on Jung’s story. We were told over and over again that Jung was a scary person, he was not normal, he was strange and all that, but we didn’t know why he was like that. The PDs did show us a glimpse of the younger self of Jung and we learned that Jung had it hard as a kid. Also, his father used to have anger management issues too in the past so apparently Jung inherited that which I found a bit funny. Like, you can inherit your disorders to your kids? Lol. I’m sorry.

The drama ended with a happy ending for everyone except the leads. I cheered so hard for In Ha and In Ho and glad that they made-up their relationship.  Am I the only one who likes the ending? Even though it’s kinda ridiculous but I bought that. Not every drama has to end with a happy ending for the leads. The email showed that Jung Sunbae really took their relationship seriously.  His emotional condition made it impossible for him to stay by Seol’s side without hurting her so that’s why he was away for several years to treat his condition I think?? That’s what I want to believe.

As a whole the plot was good. It’d be great if the director didn’t throw away Jung in the middle. I’m sorry I’m still angry about that. Can’t imagine just how angry people who were a big fan of this. I’m not a big fan of CITT but my blood is still boiling every time I remember that.

And if we’re talking about CITT, we can’t left out some really memorable scenes. For example, in episode 7 Jung proudly declared to others that he and Seol were dating. Seol’s reaction is priceless!

As you may know, I judge OST by how great the OSTs are and how addicted I am to the OSTs. But for CITT I haven’t listened to the whole VA album yes I know it’s been months since the VA out already (Genie only lets me listen to the 1-min preview T_T) so let me score this based on my blurry memory about the music selection used for this drama. The BGM used really wisely.  I loved the BGMs! Like, I truly loved it. They are memorable and most of them are very subtle and easy to the ears.

Overall rating : 8 out of 10
Will I watch it again? YES! It’s very sweet and cute. Jung sunbae is love!

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