Splash Splash Love [review]


“Don’t abandon today and run away, for the sake of a day that hasn’t come yet. Don’t be so afraid of your use in the world.” – Lee Do (Splash Splash Love)

I know this is really late and I should have reviewed this much much earlier but I couldn’t find time to do it. It’s been almost 7 months since it aired and I watched it. So so late. Anyway, I LOVE everything about this 2-ep mini drama. Splash Splash Love is a time-slip fantasy drama that does not only deliver sweet romance but also solid message at the end. It’s fun, it’s fluffy, it’s cute, it’s heart-breaking, it’s heart-throbbing, all in just two hours.

There are 5 major things that I love about the drama. Let me break them down one by one and briefly explain them.

  1. It’s only 2 hours long since it’s a special year end drama. You can watch this in one sitting and it leaves you wanting more. It’s short but it makes you go crazy about it. The plot, the OTP, cinematography, the music, everything! I’ll talk more about below.
  2. The casts! They’re match made in heaven.
  3. It’s a genre that I like which is time-slip and fantasy fusion is also mixed into the mixture. It’s also labeled as romantic comedy drama. I AM IN. Time slip + fantasy fusion + rom com. What a genre to make me weak. Like what I’ve stated many times before, I’m always hungry for brilliant heavy dramas/movies. But lately I prefer rom-com to heavy dramas. I still love heavy dramas though.
  4. The teasers and stills are so freaking cute and lovely! Just backtrack the director’s instagram (jihyunpd)
  5. The cinematography and image quality is effortlessly gorgeous! I’m always weak for such thing.

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (9.5 out of 10)

Now, let’s review this a little bit deeper. Let’s talk about the casts first. Kim Seul Gi is –no doubt- my girl crush lately. She’s so lovely and we got the chance to see this cute side of her in Splash Splash Love. She nailed her role and you can tell that she’s really talented in acting. She was natural in all her scenes.

Yoon Doo Joon was ah-mah-zing. I’ve never seen any of his work so he was definitely a discovery for me. I was so skeptical about his casting because he is… an idol –yes, I am one of those people who can let go of acting-dol stereotype-. But he nailed his role and exceeded my expectation. His acting was smooth and solid. He reminded me of So Ji Sub a bit because he somehow looks like So Ji Sub a bit.

Their chemistry was effortlessly sizzling. They looked super cute and fun together. They were so comfortable with each other and their off-camera interaction was so so cute yall need to watch the BTS. Looking at the amount of skinship they had it seemed that the PD took full advantage of their strong chemistry ihihihi.

CINEMATOGRAPHY (10 out of 10)

The camerawork was so great. The images quality was great. The place choices were beautiful. Every scene looked so polished and neat and filmed so artistically. The emotion was delivered by the casts with their great acting skill and also by the beautiful camerawork that captured them properly.

One scene that really caught my attention is Lee Do and Dam Bi’s beach scene. It was so so so SO beautifully filmed and so artistic. Don’t forget about the butterflies too!

PLOT/STORYLINE (10 out of 10)

It’s a pure enjoyment to watch this mini series. The plot was really fun and refreshing. It’s like the mix of Queen In Hyun’s Man and Rooftop Prince.

Other than Dan Bi’s ability to transport to different place when it rained was not explained properly, I think the writing was tight and entertaining. It’s well-paced, stable, and not too rushed. Even though it’s only 2 episodes but everything was well-explained unlike other  web drama (I’m eyeing you Dr. Ian).

It delivered solid message at the end, you’ll miss your most loved ones when you’re away from them. It was great to watch that Dan Bi missed her own world/timeline and rejected Lee Do’s love confession. Not everyone has the courage to leave everything behind and start a brand new life that’s totally different compared to his/her old life. I’m not confident that I would firmly let go of the opportunity to completely change my life if I was in Dan Bi’s position. So it was really great to see that Dan Bi chose to go back to her own timeline and faced what the life had to offer.

OST (10 out of 10)

Properly inserted and matched the scenes very well. Each song has its own distinctive and addicting.

Overall comment: It’s a nice show to watch in one sitting. It’s addicting and leaves you wanting more. The ship is sailing, OTP was very sweet!  The fact that it’s only 2 eps is a bonus thing!

Overall rating : 9.9 out of 10 (soooooo close to 10!)
Will I Watch it Again? YES!

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