A Girl and Three Sweethearts – First Half Review

Have I told you that I’m a fan of Yamazaki Kento? Oh yeah, I have. Looking at the amount of posts about him and his dramas/movies on my blog it’s pretty clear that I adore that guy. I broke my promise to live-watch only 3 dramas. I squeezed in his drama, A Girl and Three Sweethearts into my busy schedule because I WANTED IT WHY PROBLEM? Hahahahahha. Anyway, this is my interim review of Show but I’m just gonna keep this simple and short.

This contains spoilers. I’ve warned you.

A Girl and Three Sweethearts is about three Shibasaki brothers carrying on their father’s legacy with the family’s restaurant. We have an amazing female protagonist, Sakurai Misaki, an outstanding but unemployed patissier. The Shibasaki oldest son, Chiaki, is a successful restaurant planner, the female protagonist’s first love. The second son, Kanata, is a genius chef, who acts all mean to Misaki. The youngest son, Toma, is a troublemaker, basically.

The restaurant the Sibasaki bros are running is called Sea Sons and it’s located in Shonan. Misaki and Chiaki meet in a restaurant during Chiaki’s business trip in Tokyo. Chiaki offers a patissier job in his family’s restaurant. Misaki, who is unemployed takes this opportunity and so lives in Chiaki’s house with his two brothers.

Can we talk about Mirei’s enviable working environment? She’s surrounded by 3 fine af guys and the filming location is also beautiful. You’ve got to see sunsets and play at the beach.

Kanata is a cold-hearted, though, and rude guy to Misaki. Your typical shoujo leading man. Chiaki, on the other side, is very sweet to Misaki and so is Tomo. Misaki is a positive-oriented person who hasn’t kissed in 4 years and longing for one. How cute it is!

From character development aspect, I don’t think any character grow or develop except Kanata. He’s now a better person compared the old him. Him in episode 1 is a big turn off. Episode 1 is also my least favorite episode out of all 6. But he gets better. He gets calmer and doesn’t act all cold to Misaki anymore. Can you sense love growing in his heart? 😀

The plot definitely gets better. Up to episode 6, Kanata opens up his heart to Misaki and so the romance starts to bloom between them. Show is not as sweet as Korean dramas but still addicting and fulfilling. And if you’re wondering if this drama is all about romance than, no. It’s not. We get to see the strong bound the Shibasaki bros have and how they protect each other.

Every episode is infused with many things. It’s only 6 episodes, 270 minutes in total but we’ve already got many information about the bros and Misaki. Their best card has been played already. It’s the secret that Chiaki has kept for years finally being revealed in episode 6. To be honest, other than that, I don’t think Show has anything big to keep us interested anymore except Misaki and Tomo’s life choice at the end. But, I’m still gonna watch the rest of the show and shower it with love and spazz over every remaining episode.

I love the cinematography! I love the beautiful shots they give us. I love the set choices. Thank you for giving us many scenes at the beach/shots of the sea.

Too bad we have to wait for 2 weeks for the next episode. But hey, the good news is it will have a 15 minute extension!

Take care and I’ll see you next time!

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