Squad 38/38 Task Force (Flash Review)

SQUAD 38/38 TASK FORCE [Flash Review]

“Even if you scam people with anything and everything else, you shouldn’t scam with people’s feelings. Your opponent gets hurt and you become lonely.” – Chun Sung Hee (Task Force 38)


Somebody care to explain the meaning of the number 38 in this drama title? After watching all 16 episodes I still don’t know why it’s there.

Squad 38 aka 38 Task Force is a great drama to watch. Squad 38 tells about a Chief of City Hall Baek Sung Il (played by  Ma Dong Seok) whose job is to collect unpaid taxes and a quick-witted scammer named Yang Jung Do (played by Seo Il Guk). Baek Sung Il and Yang Jung Do team up to collect large amount of evaded taxes. Baek Sung Il is the city hall worker, a government official. Yang Jung Do, a scammer, a criminal. But both unexpectedly make a great team together.

I thought Squad 38 would be your regular popcorn drama but it’s actually much deeper that just scammers scamming people. Despite Show’s extravagant exterior, it’s actually a very humble human drama. It tickles social problem and portrays perfectly how scary/powerful money is. For example, the criminals are being protected in this drama even though clearly they evaded billions of won of tax.

How greedy people could get. Still, they’re good people among bad people. Not all good people on the outside is also good in the inside. Not all bad people on the outside is bed in the inside. How people with power abuse their authority and step on the weak. The strong gets stronger the weak gets weaker.

The plot is layered so much that makes it exciting and super fun all the way until the end. A big reveal after another big reveal. The case also gets bigger. If you think Drama is depressing then you’re wrong. Even though they’re delivering heavy material but Drama will make you laugh your head off!

This game still exists?!

This game still exists?!

Character development was excellent. Every character is unique and different. The scammers really live up to their title as scammer. They scam people so swiftly. They have many different ideas and tricks to scam people. So many wicked characters too. Like Ma Jin Seok, Sa Jae Sung that cop, Director Ahn Tae Wook, and others.

Director Ahn Tae Wook

Director Ahn Tae Wook

Every casts did an extraordinary job bringing their character to life. Casting Ma Dong Seok and Seo In Guk is God’s work. Their synergy is great. Whoever casted them both deserves a praise.

The directing is great, but the camera shakes too much and too often. It’s actually a great technique to build suspense/thrill but it’s awfully overused here. But other than that, directing is great. The director and writer are actually the ones who worked on Bad Guys too. It’s fun to know that both can do 2 completely different genre flawlessly like this. Bad Guys is still one of my most favorite dramas of all time. Everything about that drama is perfect.

A character from Bad Guys also makes a cameo on the last episode you guys! Park Woong Cheol from Bad Guys makes an appearance and surprise Sa Jae Sung and Yang Jung Do. Maybe I’m being delusional but I see this as the director and writer telling us that Bad Guys 2 is happening. Even though Bad Guys is best as it is but not going to lie, if season 2 is happening I’m totally going to watch it.

BGM is so witty. For example in episode 6 when Ma Jin Seok found out that he’s been scammed for 5 million dollars, the BGM used is gold! I don’t know the singer or the title. But the lyric says “na eottheokhae” repeatedly which means “what should I do”. That’s gold! Because at the moment Ma Jin Seok seriously doesn’t know what he should do! Gold!

Overall, Squad 38/38 Task Force is a drama that gives you lots of life lessons but make you laugh uncontrollably with its character’s witty actions and lines. Totally give it a shot. The plot is tight from start to finish. Drama gets 10 out of 10 from me.


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