Oh My Ghost [Flash Review]


“Everyday is scarily valuable. My conclusion is that, if possible, forgive. And maybe take a loss. And live happily. The one who forgives can sleep in peace but not the one who needs to be forgiven.” – Soon Ae

I AM SO SO LATE!! I finished and draft-ed this post since early this year but only today I am publishing this. I’ve forgotten the existence of this draft for 10 months already oh my holy lord.

If life is being hard on you, if you’re feeling down, or if you just simply want to get a good amount of feels and laughter then you should watch this drama which is called Oh My Ghost. It’s a very well-blended show that’s going to get you addicted right off the bat. The chemistry between two leads (Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Seok) is absolutely so strong and you’re going to ship them both. SO. HARD. Gummy, I’m sorry for shipping your boyfriend with someone else T_T

I’m going to keep this review short and simple. I’m just going to point out the most critical points from this drama. Now, shall we? 🙂

The acting was superb! The age gap between out OTP didn’t show. The cinematography was great and gave off bubbly kind of atmosphere. The story was nice, super funny, cozy and the story development and character development were great.  The character development was great because it let us know and understand everyone’s own character and flaws. Soon Ae (played by Kim Seul Gi) and Chef’s story was  deep it made us question whether or not Chef really loved Na Bong for who she was after finding out that this whole time he’s dating a ghost. I mean, I want the writer to convince me that Chef really loved Na Bong but it just wasn’t there. The writer couldn’t convince me enough and the development between Na Bong and Chef just felt rushed.

Everyone was perfect fit for their role especially Chef. I just can’t picture anyone else playing as Chef as great as Jo Jung Seok. He pulled off that quirky side of Chef. When he’s boosting himself, being over confident but he did all that with his poker face, THAT’S GOLD!

Park Bo Young acted so well. She could differentiate Na Bong and Soon Ae so we could tell right away which character she was playing as. Park Bo Young could imitate Kim Seul Gi’s style in acting perfectly.  Their voices even sounded the same. Kim Seul Gi was also great. I watched her in Surplus Princess before this. I knew she could act but I didn’t know she’s this great! (Ps, just want to say that I watched Surplus Princess then OMG then Splash Splash Love). Lim Ju Hwan acted two different sides of his character, the good guy and the possessed guy. I just want to say that he did extremely well. His gaze totally changed 180o when the evil spirit took over his consciousness.

Now, the plot. This was certainly not a flawless script. But the greatness overshadowed the bad so overall impression Oh My Ghost gave was great. It  mixed mystery and comedy well and the first half was definitely my most-favorite first half of k-drama in 2015. It’s just pure enjoyment. The second half turned all dark and mystic  and the change was kinda shocking. I personally didn’t quite like the transition. I wish the writer could take more time and not shove us to the main problem of the drama like so suddenly. Not that I’m asking for more comedy but it’d be better if the writer introduced us to the mystery part earlier than s/he did in the drama so that the suspense would be built up more properly. The second half just turned all dark and heavy almost out of the sudden.

I wish we could get more of the real Na Bong with Chef together. Like I stated earlier, the writer couldn’t convince me enough and the development between Na Bong and Chef just felt rushed. After Na Bong told Chef that this whole time the Na Bong he knew isn’t her, the story between them just kinda lost. I want to get convinced that Chef really did love Na Bong for who she was not for Na Bong who he spent more time with. Shin Ae was the one who spent more quality time with Chef instead of Na Bong.

The mystery behind Soon Ae’s death unveiled one by one, keeping us in suspense every week. I liked Shin Ae’s relationship with the shaman (played by Lee Jung Eun). As the episode went on, the shaman developed mother-like feeling towards her and cared a lot about Soon Ae. Shin Ae also relied a lot to her on the later episodes. Their relationship warmed my heart and the second half of the show.

Now, before I wrap this post I just want to leave this one paragraph here, the most crucial and important paragraph ever in my blog. A murderer is a murderer. There’s nothing less or nothing more about a murderer, they’re murderer. Just because he’s possessed by an evil spirit and murdered people that didn’t change the fact that he murdered people. That didn’t mean he’s innocence. I want the best for officer Choi and pitied him all throughout the series because he lost control of his own body but still, he murdered people. I’m quite fine that he survived and got amnesia.  But still, justice needed to take place. How Shin Ae’s father supposed to do/react when if he found out that the man who’s found guilty for killing his daughter was alive and doing well, showered with love by his wife.  I’m just leaving it here. Because I think I just have to.

PS, rating for OMG is not given due to the above paragraph.

PPS, I’m a sensitive, ignorant bitch and I know that.

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