My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week!

I’m really excited for this upcoming drama! My Wife Is Having An Affair is set to premiere on Oct 28th which means, THIS FRIDAY!

Drama will tell about, “Do Hyun-Woo (Lee Sun Kyun) has worked as a PD for the past 10 years. He learns that his wife is having an affair and doesn’t know what to do. Do Hyun-Woo, who tries to protect his marriage, talks with anonymous people through online social networks.” quoted from This drama is a remake of a Japanese drama with the same name that aired back in 2007. Judging from the original work page on asianwiki, this drama will be filled with tears and heartwarming scenes.

I wasn’t one of those people who want to watch the drama because of Song Ji Hyo I am more because of Lee Sun Kyun. Who doesn’t know that he has that heavenly low voice. Also, he’s an excellent actor. Everything you could ask for from an actor. I’m also excited to see Lee Sang Yeob in this drama. He’s a great actor but it’s a bit saddening that he’s still stuck doing second lead roles. Hope to see him more in the future! Ye Ji Won is also here!! I legit had crush on her in Another Oh Hae Young. I liked how she carried her character and make it so unique and bold. BoA is also here. I can’t say I’m excited because I’m not. Reviews of her acting in her previous projects were not good and I honestly don’t have expectation about her acting so…. I’m really excited to see Kim Hee Won here! I’m excited to see the synergy between him and Ye Ji Won. And I hope he’s playing a very witty and funny type of role here because he’s playing as bad guy for most of the time 😦

The director is Kim Suk Yoon, the same person who directed Awl, one of the finest K-dramas ever produced. Definitely watch it if you haven’t! I don’t know why but the name of the writer is not available on asianwiki. I am too lazy to google it so…. I just hope the drama won’t be too depressing. Lots of heartwarming and touching scenes it’s ok but don’t make it full of tears my life is hard already please make me laugh. Judging from the original work poster, the drama seems to be filled with lots of sadness though.

original work poster

original work poster

Notice the difference? The Japanese poster just emphasizes that the drama is heavy. Meanwhile it’s not detected at all in the Korean poster. It looks like a fun drama instead. I still cannot get over Lee Sang Yeob’s expression! He looks like a puppy that needs to be protected at all cost.

Meanwhile Lee Sun Kyun looks like he’s not giving a f*ck about everything anymore since his wife is cheating on him. Song Ji Hyo on the other hand looks fabulous!

My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week premiers October 28th at 20:30 on jtbc. Make sure to catch it! 🙂


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